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I'm having a flare up, and my weight is already too low, what now?

Good Question. Since most people need to lose weight, and consider loosing weight while following a health plan like Pain Free Foods; Catalyst Food Avoidance, weight loss is considered a benefit. If you and your doctor feel your weight is already low or very low… the thought of an eating plan or a 48 to72 hour liquid diet (our recommendation for times of flare-ups and attacks) is not fun. The truth is that good advice on maintaining weight or gaining weight when you have a digestive disorder is very hard to come by. Because we have coached over 100,000 clients,...

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Why would I do a liquid diet?

Our advice for anyone entering a flare-up, an attack, or just having a period of time where their digestive problems starts to get worse (or not getting better) is a 48 to 72 hour liquid diet. I always describe an attack or flare-up as being like a roller coaster slowly climbing that first big hill. Once it goes over the top… it is too late to avoid the doctor or emergency room. It is best to start this liquid diet the minute you feel problems coming on. Here is why this important, and how to do it.If your digestive (any...

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Catalyst Foods Explained

Catalyst foods and the catalyst foods avoidance program are terms we created describing foods and food combinations that promote acid digestion. As some of you who follow us already know, Mike’s research based theory is that our bodies are meant to digest almost all food and meals via enzyme digestion. Enzymes are “requested” by the stomach lining once it “senses” the type of food that “lands” in the stomach. With enzyme digestion, the pancreas sends enzymes appropriate to the food that was consumed and all is well. There is no flow of acid into the stomach that then trickles down...

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How does tea help a digestive problem?

This is a great question and believe me, I am going to give you a short to the point answer. Not only that, but the finest, most used digestive tea on the market, is found right here and we also give you the recipe for free. Not just the ingredients, but the recipe. First of all, here are the most important ingredients that should be found in a digestive relief tea: Peppermint leaf Peppermint oil Turmeric root Slippery elm bark Wild yam root Marshmallow root or leaf (yes, either one works from this one plant) Chamomile flower Ginger root Fennel...

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Every time I eat _______ I feel ________! Why, and what can I do?

Not every stomach ache or other symptom is a cause for alarm, but this article will give you the main reasons we feel can poorly when we eat certain specific foods and the couple of things you can do about it.The first blank in the title above could be filled with many food names depending on your individual digestive concerns. The most common among digestive issue sufferers are: High gas foods such as beans, cruciferous vegetables like (broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, lettuce etc.) Hard to digest foods such as beans (again), gluten containing foods such as wheat, meat High allergen...

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