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How to celebrate the 4th of July to the Fullest!!

  • Don't be afraid to enjoy the day and savor all the wonderful food.
  • Come join us for all the strategies and tips for the best day ever!

Previous Webinars


Published Date: Feb 13, 2024

Session 1: "Introduction and How to get ahead of a flare-up."

Start your journey with tips on spotting flares, managing triggers, & using your toolkit for a flare-free life. 


Published Date: Feb 15, 2024

Session 2: "Time to Branch out to other Foods and How to do it the easy way"

This lesson introducing the new foods into your diet with an enjoyable strategy. This guide provides an approach to exploring the easily digestible carbohydrates and food combinations.


Published Date: Feb 20, 2024

Session 3: "Life changing Habits How Easy is it?"

Explore the habits for a healthier life: Natural supplements like slippery elm & turmeric for pain relief, and mindfulness. Join our Facebook group for guidance and shared success stories.


Published Date: Feb 22, 2024

Sesson 4: "What are our Core Products? Why are these Products Best for you?"

Explore the benefits of Turmeric, Pro 100 & Digestive Tea Products, and high success rates of our Products. Perfect for enhancing your wellness journey.


Published Date: Feb 27, 2024

Session 5: "How to choose what to eat and get comfortable?"

Unlock your perfect diet with our guide: Tips for smart choices, 400+ Recipes, & Reading Labels. Plus, Flash Sale on CookBooks!


Published Date: Feb 29, 2024

Session 6: "9-1 Ratio Calculator made easy Let me help you !!"

Learn the 9-1 & 8-1 Food ratios in the calculators, Toolkit usage, Dining out tips, Tracking progress, Pain-Free Foods guide, and Food diary tips.


Published Date: Mar 05, 2024


Maximize dining out: Choose wisely, plan leftovers, modify orders, decide on dessert, adapt diets, consider alcohol, customize meals, and bring tea for fun.


Published Date: Mar 07, 2024

Session 8 - "Is Water Important - How much and Why?"

Explore hydration's key role, water intake, alternatives, benefits, carbonated options, tracking necessity, mealtime drinking, and boosting consumption.


Published Date: Mar 12, 2024

Session 9 - "Travel Tips :How to have the Best Trip Ever !! What you need & Why?"

Unlock joyful travel with our wellness guide: Embrace probiotics, and herbal aids like turmeric, enjoy restful sleep, and navigate dining with ease for a vibrant journey.


Published Date: Mar 14, 2024

Session 10 - "Sugar Cravings: What does it mean and How can I end them?"

Conquer sugar urges with our guide. Discover the role of diet, probiotics, and lifestyle changes in overcoming cravings for a healthier, balanced life.


Published Date: Mar 20, 2024

Session 11 - "Easter Delight: Feast, Family & Fun Sans Stress!"

Unlock the secrets to a blissful Easter! Dive into hassle-free dining, surprise menu strategies, and stress-less mingling. Plus, our quick-fix guide ensures nothing dims your holiday sparkle.


Published Date: Mar 22, 2024

Session 12 - "Food preparations for every stage of recovery and health: From soft food to Family Favorites!"

Dive into Rachel’s secrets for delicious, pain-free meal planning. From flare-friendly foods to zucchini delights, transform your diet with ease and joy.


Published Date: Mar 26, 2024

Session 13 - "Tea Time Tranquility: Gut Health & Relaxation"

Transform your wellness with our tea guide soothing, anti-inflammatory magic for your gut. Plus, discover gentle exercises and relaxation for total calm.


Published Date: Mar 28, 2024

Session 14 - "Unlocking Wellness with GSE and Macro Greens: Why does your overall health matter to digestive health?"

Discover Grapefruit Seed Extract's (GSE) power for immune support and wellness, Plus the Ultimate Guide to Staying Healthy with Macro Greens. Learn usage tips, benefits, and alternatives in our insightful webinar.


Published Date: Apr 02, 2024

Session 15 - "Conquer Bathroom Drama: Uncover causes, solutions, and long-term freedom​​​​​​​"

Tackle bathroom drama with our guide. Understand causes, find relief protocols, and embrace a new perspective for lasting freedom from discomfort.


Published Date: Apr 04, 2024

Session 16 - "Discover Differences: Digestive Conditions Unveiled​​​​​​​"

Dive into Mike's victory over IBS, Crohn's & more. Discover global trends and unique healing strategies in the quest for gut wellness.


Published Date: Apr 09, 2024

Session 17 - "Journey Well: Mastering Travel with Essential Tips & Supplement Savvy​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"

Discover the art of travel with tips on efficient packing, navigating supplements, and stress management, turning each journey into a seamless blend of discovery and wellbeing.


Published Date: Apr 11, 2024

Session 18 - "The Key to Restorative Sleep!!"

Step into a world where restful nights are a reality with our webinar. Dive into successful strategies and personal journeys that reveal the crucial link between sleep, stress reduction, and overall wellness, inspiring you to embrace the night and wake up refreshed.


Published Date: Apr 16, 2024

Session 19 - "Wellness Strategies with Mike & Sonia!!"

From Concept to Cup: The Comprehensive Story Behind Our Tea's Creation - Ingredient Selection and Testing. Diets and Supplements for Optimal Digestive Health


Published Date: Apr 18, 2024

Session 20 - "Optimizing Your Morning Routine: Are You Making the Most of Your Program?​​​​​​​"

To develop a personalized morning routine, assess your habits and integrate key activities like stretching and meditation, adjusting as needed for long-term success and personal health goals.


Published Date: Apr 23, 2024

Session 21 - "Secret Weapon for Eating Out? Let’s make your Eat-Out Guide simple!​​​​​​​"

Navigating Nutrition Anywhere: A Deep Dive into Enhancing Gut Health Through Everyday Choices and Natural Remedies.


Published Date: Apr 25, 2024

Session 22 - "Under 40? See Why This Program Might Be the Best Decision You Ever Make!​​​​​​​!​​​​​​​"

This webinar addresses managing digestive health for individuals under 40, exploring how specific protocols can improve symptoms and prevent conditions like bloating and acid reflux. It includes practical advice on dietary choices, managing meal times, and bedtime routines to enhance overall gut health and potentially benefit other areas like joint health.


Published Date: Apr 30, 2024

Session 23 - "What can I eat for breakfast tips and Ideas to make it easy: You won't want to miss this one!!​​​​​​​"

This webinar addresses that what can you eat for breakfast tips and Ideas to make it easy. You won't want to miss this one.


Published Date: May 02, 2024

Session 24 - "Mothers Day Magic: How to navigate Your day stress free and Fabulous!!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"

Tips on eating, making great choices. All the supplements that will help insure you feel great long after Your day. Ways to avoid the things that could set you back.


Published Date: May 07, 2024

Session 25 - "Overcoming Severe Digestive Issues: A Success Story!!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"

This webinar covers a range of topics for tackling severe cases, like understanding why results might be lacking, staying on track with your diet, noting any health issues or food sensitivities, and considering options like surgery with optimism for post-operative improvement, while also reminding you to listen to your body and seek guidance when needed, all in the quest for your best health journey.


Published Date: May 09, 2024

Session 26 - "Part-2: Overcoming Severe Digestive Issues: A Success Story!!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"

This webinar covers a range of topics for tackling severe cases, like understanding why results might be lacking, staying on track with your diet, noting any health issues or food sensitivities, and considering options like surgery with optimism for post-operative improvement, while also reminding you to listen to your body and seek guidance when needed, all in the quest for your best health journey.


Published Date: May 14, 2024

Session 27 - "Radiant Resilience: Harnessing Sunshine and Turmeric for Mental Wellness​​​​​​​"

Explore the symbiotic relationship between natural sunlight and turmeric's therapeutic properties, offering insights into enhancing mental resilience and fostering holistic well-being.


Published Date: May 16, 2024

Session 28 - "Snack Attack: Exploring Delicious and Nutritious Snacking Options"

Indulge in the art of healthy snacking with Sonia, as you explore the world of flavors and quick bites. From savory to sweet, learn to curate delightful snacks that satisfy cravings and elevate any moment.


Published Date: May 21, 2024

Session 29 - "Understanding the Secret of the Gut-Body Link: Investigating Surprising Symptoms with Mike and Sonia Live!​​​​​​​"

Don't miss this insightful conversation where we'll uncover the mysteries behind these symptoms and arm you with knowledge to restore balance and vitality to your body. Join Mike and Sonia live as they explore the surprising connection between digestive issues and seemingly unrelated symptoms. From hair loss to beer belly, osteoporosis/arthritis, leg cramps, hiatal hernias, and beyond, we'll delve into the underlying causes and effective corrective measures


Published Date: May 23, 2024

Session 30 - "Discover the control of Self Care: Your Key to Reducing Stress and Living Healthier​​​​​​"

Discover the control of Self Care: Your Key to Reducing Stress and Living Healthier Feeling stressed out? It's time to prioritize self-care just like your diet! Find out how adding Macro Greens and GSE can improve your overall health and lessen flare-ups. Keep a self-care journal to track your progress and see the results. How can you take care of others if you're not taking care of yourself? Join us to begin self-care as a daily habit—your happiness and health depend on it! If you want to know about reducing stress, watch our webinar! and find out more about % of flares and other interesting topics.


Published Date: May 28, 2024

Session 31 - "Cooking 101 with Sonia & Rachel: Exploring the Delicious Potential of Mushrooms as an Alternative to Meat"

Join Sonia and Rachel in Cooking 101 as they take you on a delicious food adventure! Discover the delicious world of mushrooms as they share delicious recipes that update meatless meals. From flavorful burgers to taking dishes such utilize the delicious potential of mushrooms and take your cooking to the next level!


Published Date: May 30, 2024

Session 32 - "Sonia's Advice for Transforming Your Weight Journey!"

Are you prepared to solve the weight control problem? Discover the keys to changing your health journey by attending our LIVE webinar! Have you ever considered the unrealized potential of avocado, coconut, MCT, and olive oils? Or how about using thick whipping cream as a covert weapon? Find the answers to your most important questions as well as techniques for stress relief, portion control, and other areas. Don't miss out; secure your seat right away to change your wellness outlook.


Published Date: June 04, 2024

Session 33 - "Struggling with Wellness? Hear Sonia's Tips: Overcome Wellness Challenges and Achieve Results!"

Feeling stuck on your wellness journey? Ever wondered what's holding you back? Sonia is here to share her insights and stories to help you identify and overcome the barriers that prevent you from reaching your full potential. Are bathroom dramas, persistent pain, or digestive issues like bloat and acid reflux keeping you from feeling your best? Discover how to optimize meal timing, achieve the perfect nutrient balance, and track your progress effectively. Curious about how to adapt your supplement regimen and address your unique sensitivities? Ready to implement stress reduction techniques and see real results? Trust in the process and watch your wellness transform. Join us and navigate this empowering journey together!


Published Date: June 06, 2024

Session 34 - "Fathers Day: BBQ Bash for Dad Fun and Exciting Tips to make Fathers Day the Best Ever and set the Tone for all the Summer Fun!!"

How to Navigate all of the Summer Fun? How to prepare and enjoy everything that summer has to offer pain free? How to prepare and be prepared for eating summer favorites? What to do when going to BBQs with Friends and How can we make the best of the summer parties?


Published Date: June 11, 2024

Session 35 - "Find Your Best Self: A Thorough Guide for Self-Maintenance with Sonia!​​​​​​​"

How do you maintain yourself personally? Let's talk about anything from exercise to cooking and eating habits, how active you are or want to be.


Published Date: June 13, 2024

Session 36 - "Want to Achieve Success? Master Supplements, Manage Stress, and Make the Most of Cheat Days!"

Join Sonia in a live webinar as she explains the importance of stress reduction, cheat days, and supplements in your success journey. Learn what might be holding you back and open the door to success.

*Disclaimer: The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.