What can I do for excessive yeast (Thrush, yeast infections, candida imbalance, candidiasis)?

Millions of people now suffer from candida albicans overrun, which is often referred to by one of the names above. There are many types of yeasts. Some of them are a serious health risk. Candida albicans is often called “bacteria”, even by medical websites but it is actually a fungus. Candida is not our enemy, in fact it may be an important part of our internal flora, but like many things, moderation is the key and too much of a “good thing” becomes a bad thing. This short article will show you how to quickly “snap candida back into shape” like a spoiled child, and put your otherwise helpful candida flora back on your “good neighbor” list!

Indications that your internal candida flora may be out of control:

  • Sweet tooth, carb cravings, sugar cravings
  • Mood swings, brain fog
  • For women: history of vaginal yeast infections, unusual vaginal odors or discharge
  • White bumpy spots in the mouth
  • Lack of energy
  • Periodic UTI’s
  • Non-arthritic joint pain
  • Skin fungus such as athletes foot or genital fungus (“jock itch”)
  • Nail fungus of the fingernails or toenails

Under certain conditions, candida can grow rapidly. When the immune system is compromised (more in a minute), the natural checks and balances of the body cease to be effective and candida will overpopulate. We will show you how to correct in a minute but here are some things that will allow candida to overgrow and cause problems:

  • History of antibiotic use
  • Heavy alcohol use
  • A damaged immune system (may be a listed side effect of some medications) check your prescription information sheet or check with your doctor for details on biologics and some oral contraceptives etc.
  • Diet high in sugar or refined carbohydrates
  • Diabetes
  • A high stress lifestyle

I recognize that the two lists above may cover almost everyone and that none of this so far is good news. Let’s turn this around now and give you the good news. Candida imbalance or overrun is not a disease. It is a condition or set of circumstances and it is easily corrected. Here are some tricks my family and I (and tens of thousands of our followers) have used to correct candida albicans overrun (all forms):
If your diet includes a lot of sweet and carb foods, and you feel urges to continue eating that way, although this sounds counter intuitive, simply reducing sugars and other carbs is not the easiest way to start. Instead, consider a supplement such as Candida Support. This genre of supplement modifies the body’s flora environment, making it “undesirable” to candida. It will not kill it out and this is not the goal. Instead, the goal is to eliminate systemic candida (in the bloodstream) and to drastically reduce the quantity of candida in the gut and elsewhere.

If you don’t fit the above description but have had more than one or two rounds of antibiotics in your medical history (most of us), the best solution to restore the best beneficial bacteria to the gut while eliminating candida overrun are acid resistant strains of probiotics such as those found in Rachel’s Pro Berry Chewables.

Everyone asks me if these supplements have a permanent effect, and the truthful answer is: “it depends.” If you use Candida Support for instance but don’t modify your diet to reduce sugars and carbs… you will need to take the supplement more or less ongoing. If your issue was a lack of beneficial bacteria due to multiple rounds of antibiotic use, it is likely that you will take probiotics on an ongoing basis. Following the Catalyst Food Avoidance Diet will also normalize the gut bacteria in our opinion. If the cost of ongoing probiotic use is prohibitive to you, consider using a single bottle for a month straight, then skipping one to three months (depending on your budget) then taking another bottle and so on.

While we are on the subject, acid resistant strains of probiotics or ultra high count (over 75 billion per dose) are the only two effective methods I know of to get probiotics to work. You don’t need to purchase here but follow this suggestion or your wasting your money altogether.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease or health issue. These articles are not a substitute for competent medical advice. The author is not medically trained, nor are these articles reviewed by medical or trained personnel.

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