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Terms of Service:

Rachel’s Tea offers supplemental products commonly used for people with digestive disorders and other issues that cause symptoms and discomfort. The FDA does not allow claims for supplements or other products so we don’t make any. While these products potentially mitigate some symptomatic issues relating to digestive disorders, other symptoms and other discomforts, we make no such claims or guarantees.

You should do your homework and research before selecting any product from any retailer including my products on my site. This research and homework must include your personal doctor/s to be sure that you are healthy enough to take supplements and that such supplements will not modify or reduce the effectiveness of over the counter or prescription medications you are also taking under his/her direction. You should not take any medications or supplements outside of your doctors recommendations if you are pregnant or a nursing mother as many compounds would not be safe under those circumstances.

Additionally, some herbal supplements such as St Johns Wort, Grapefruit seed extract, Wild Yam root, and others have side effects that only your doctor is qualified to discuss with you and determine the risk vs benefit in your particular case. Some supplements are also contraindicated in an individual patient if they are taking other specific medications. For instance, some patients take medications that require that they not consume grapefruit. Wether or not this “grapefruit” contraindication includes the oil from grapefruit seed (GSE grapefruit seed extract) or not is not a matter that I am qualified to answer and must be discussed with your doctor.

These are not idle comments and to a specific person, with certain medical issues, taking certain drugs, could have very serious consequences. I am not a doctor, nurse, nor have I been trained in the issues I am warning you about. My products and their use in specific situations is not overseen by any medically trained person of any type, therefore the judgement to use or not use these supplements in your case is not up to me but to you and your doctor. Lastly, none of these products or any claims related to them, regardless of wether they were stated here or somewhere else, stated or implied, have not been evaluated by the FDA or any agency of any government. No comments or implied claims or recommendations on this site, the supplement package or those found elsewhere are to be interpreted as attempting to diagnose, treat, heal, or cure any disease.

I recommend following the label directions for dosage of any supplement you purchase from me. Use it only as prescribed on the label, regardless of anything you have read, heard, or believe from any other source.