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My belly is feeling bloated and looks distended

Almost everyone suffering with over-acidification (heartburn, excessive gas, acid reflux, etc.) experiences bloating from time to time, if not regularly. Even so, most people don’t understand why they sometimes bloat, or what they can do about it. This short article will explain exactly how and why I was bloated and how I feel great naturally now

What the heck is going on… why do I bloat? Our research shows when eating a modern Westernized diet that promotes acid digestion instead of the preferable enzyme digestion which causes:

  • Excess acid bathing your delicate digestive valves and tissues so often (each meal and snack) that it eventually erodes away the protective mucosal lining from these soft tissues leaving them exposed to unforgiving acid.
  • Over time, the soft tissue valves above and below the stomach swell and may become inflamed due to acid exposure. When swollen, they don’t work well and may even “swell shut” causing digestive gas to build up, which causes bloating.

I used to bloat so badly at times that I literally thought I might burst something in my abdomen and was in excruciating pain for hours. The protocol I am about to tell you is cheap, fast, and what I have used for relief personally for many years.

It is now my number one “go to” solution for bloating and I have passed this on to thousands of sufferers through my books. No one has ever told me “this did not work.”

What I did to help? 

  • Get a bottle of enteric coated, food grade or higher, peppermint oil capsules.
  • Take a good sip of water in mouth.
  • Pop two of the peppermint capsules into mouth with the water.
  • Bite one of the capsules until it breaks open.
  • Swish the capsules/oil and swallow.
That’s it! The broken capsule will allow some of the oil to bathe the upper stomach valve (the esophageal sphincter) and the lower stomach valve (the pyloric valve). These two valves control stomach gas and the oil will soften and sooth them, allowing normal burping to relieve the pressure. The unbroken capsule will coat the other valves in the intestine, allowing gas pressure to be released from the other direction as well.

For me, this method allows burping in 5 to 15 minutes, and passing gas in 30 to 60 minutes. In the long run, the catalyst food avoidance plan is the best end game, but for a “time to time” fix for me and I hope, for you as well this is awesome.

Disclaimer: Although this method works for others, and for me I cannot be sure of the reason any individual person has bloating. This is not medical advice and is not a substitute for medical advice or medical attention when it is needed. You may or may not experience the results I described. If your digestive issue is serious, of course you need to consult your doctor regarding this method or any other self-treatment you are considering.


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