We have personally tested and gotten feedback on hundreds of products, brands, and formulas and from thousands of customers with digestive disorders. We carry only what works for us personally and our clients. Everything sold on this store is designed exclusively for digestive comfort and relief. We are a family business and stand behind our products with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee because we are certain you will love everything you try!


The people that

Made us possible

Rachel Hohlweg

Rachel is Mike's daughter and has been doing digestive health research with him for nearly a decade. She has helped develop the recipe collection, coached thousands of clients through digestive issues, evaluated thousands of food diaries and helped to expand the book and eat out guide from its infant stages to what it has become today. Rachel has a BS in psychology and is completely in love with her job.

Mike Hohlweg

Mike Has been doing research on digestive health for over twenty years. He struggled with his own digestive issues for most of his life and found they impeded his career, quality of life, and time spent with family. Mike started the Catalyst food avoidance program over twenty years ago based on his own scientific theories, and has brought the family on board to help spread the word to help others and simplify and perfect the program. His passion for living a fearless life when it comes to food and gut health has positively impacted the lives of well over 100,000 people to date!

Sonia Hohlweg

Sonia has been married to Mike Hohlweg for over 30 years and has helped with his health research for over a decade. She manages our online communities and helps teach new team members which diet tips and supplements help the most so they can best serve your needs.

Zeeshan Ali

"Z" has been with Rachel's Tea for 5 years. He is our technical expert with a degree in electrical engineering and unmatched skill in marketing and computers. Z helps us each and every day come up with new ways to spread the program, develop strategies for growth and perfect our shipping systems so our products reach you smoothly and quickly. Z has a passion for food, recipes, helping improve the lives of our clients, and of course... Rachel's Digestive tea!

Brittney Lind

Brittney is Mike and Sonia's Daughter as well. She brings a fun sprit and amazing worth ethic to the team! She handles any concerns you may have when you email Rachel's Tea. Every single day she is here for our clients! Being over logistics, she ensures your order will reach you safe and sound and that you'll be able to track it every step of the way.

Hazel Valloyas

Hazel has been with Rachel's Tea since it's infancy and has a degree in business management. She has learned the program inside and out and is present on our online communities each day to help people find answers to their questions from others in their situation in a safe private environment. Hazel is incredibly kind and smart and the perfect resource for our business and for you to learn from.


Kayla has a passion for health and our customers, a mother of two with a business degree, she helps us research and strategize new and exciting products, foods and ways to reach people. She speaks to our customers every day and addresses any questions about products you may have, so you can rest assured you've chosen the best products for you!


Carlo is a graphic designer with over 15 years of experience working for companies around the globe. He helps us bring you recipes, and photos in a way that's clear and simple to understand and use. He sets the complete tone and feel of our store and online communities.


Furqan has a masters degree in computer science with 10 years of experience in digital marketing and 5 years of experience in web development. He helps us reach more clients with less advertising expense so we can keep our prices as low as humanly possible. He also helps us keep our ordering process smooth and simple.