Catalyst Foods Explained

Catalyst foods and the catalyst foods avoidance program are terms we created describing foods and food combinations that promote acid digestion.

As some of you who follow us already know, Mike’s research based theory is that our bodies are meant to digest almost all food and meals via enzyme digestion. Enzymes are “requested” by the stomach lining once it “senses” the type of food that “lands” in the stomach. With enzyme digestion, the pancreas sends enzymes appropriate to the food that was consumed and all is well. There is no flow of acid into the stomach that then trickles down the intestines wreaking havoc on everything it touches. There is no pool of acid sitting in the stomach at night bubbling up into the throat damaging sensitive tissues. It all sounds good right?

Then there is the reality of the foods we have begun to eat in industrialized countries. It is not the quality of foods that is the problem, it is the mixtures of foods. The truth is that through the years, our digestive tracts acclimated to simple hunter gather diets. Earlier humans would hunt protein and eat that, or if protein was hard to find, or fruits and roots were plentiful, they would probably gather those foods for their meals. Different foods were available at different times and different conditions.

This reality led to our digestive tract expecting mostly carbohydrate meals or protein meals. We handle that perfectly and “so far so good!” Occasionally early men might eat both protein and carbohydrates in the same meal. It’s still ok because the body has an emergency or periodic back up plan for this meal (carbohydrate and protein don’t digest well at the same time with enzymes). When the stomach lining detects both protein and carbohydrates in the same meal, it has to revert to the emergency plan and uses hydrochloric acid to chemically corrode (degrade) the food to avoid it rotting in our digestive tract. Occasional acid was not a problem and a mucus coating in the digestive tract insured that. All is still well, right? Not exactly.

In the last few decades, in the most “modern” countries, food is no longer grown, hunted, or gathered. It is found on supermarket store shelves and prepared for us at various restaurants. The tradition of eating either protein or carb meals with occasional violations has changed to virtually every meal is now a combination of the two. Acid digestion has become the primary method of digestion. Our bodies have to deal with acid streams 3 to 5 times per day, 365 days per year. This acid takes its toll and the price is our digestive health.

There are dozens of foods in the store that have the wrong ratio of protein to carbohydrate to allow enzyme digestion and some foods are bad “mixes” even without being “man made.” The Catalyst Food Avoidance Diet gives you a written and a simple chart that shows you exactly what 7 foods to avoid and which foods can’t be mixed in the same meal. The program is free to download on our home page.

Do yourself and your health a favor. Read the diet for free, try it for 4 to 7 days, and watch your digestive system “reset”. Imagine not having a river of acid damaging you every day. Over 100,000 followers agree that after “white coats,” drugs, procedures, and endless pain and discomfort… this is finally “it.” This program will change the way you feel and give you back your life.

Disclaimer: Not everyone has food allergies or sensitivities for the same reason or will experience the same result with this protocol. We are not doctors, nor are these facts reviewed by the FDA or doctors. We are presenting our theories and experience to show you what has worked for us and others using our strategies. Your condition is not known to us and you should not follow us if in doing so you are avoiding medical advice or treatment.

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