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Keto and Atkins Diet: Can they work with Pain Free Foods?

This diet is called Keto, and it’s so popular that several of our followers are wondering if it is compatible with the Pain Free Foods Catalyst Avoidance program that is helping them stay digestive symptom free. The answer is… it depends. Let me clear this up for you quickly and painlessly.

Thinking of using a probiotic? Here is how to decide and not waste your money?

Lately, people from the Facebook group and via emails have been asking if they need a probiotic and for those who do… how do they choose. During the next two minutes I am going to give you 25 years of expertise on these two questions.

How to eat using the 9 to 1 ratio:?

If you came to learn how to eat using Mike’s 9 to 1 ratio from the Pain Free Foods books, you may be having trouble with the math. You are not alone, math is not everyone’s favorite, so this article will try to simplify it for you.

Turmeric: How, What, Why

Stomach acid produced during digestion or during times of excessive stress or anxiety flows through your stomach and digestive tract. Given enough time, acid can deteriorate the proactive mucosal lining of your intestinal or colon walls and start to damage your body. This damage causes inflammation and pain.

The Why and How for Grapefruit Seed Extract

These days, antibiotics are handed out like candy. Here at we do not suggest avoiding them when necessary because doctors prescribe them for good reason, but here are some things to consider…

What does carbonation do for your digestive system?

Everywhere we look now we see carbonated beverages. They are a part of everyday life. Sodas, energy drinks, beer… So what are these fizzy drinks doing to our digestive systems?

Fresh Fruit and veggies 

When starting the Catalyst Food Avoidance plan (Pain Free Foods) or when ending a 48 to72 hour liquid diet, we always suggest easy to digest foods as you transition.

Trigger Foods Explained

Whether you follow the Pain Free Foods eating plan or not, or if you take supplements or not, trigger foods are absolute

How Does Slippery Elm Work?

Slippery Elm is an unusual supplement and if you have any negative digestive symptoms after meals, it can be a complete game changer.

I'm having a flare up, and my weight is already too low, what now?

Since most people need to lose weight, and consider loosing weight while following a health plan like Pain Free Foods..................

Why would I do a liquid diet?

Our advice for anyone entering a flare-up, an attack, or just having a period of time where their digestive problems starts to get ..................

Catalyst Foods Explained

As some of you who follow us already know, Mike’s research based theory is that our bodies are meant to digest almost all...................

How does tea help a digestive problem?

This is a great question and believe me, I am going to give you a short to the point answer. Not only that, but the finest..................

Every time I eat I feel! Why, and what can I do?

Not every stomach ache or other symptom is a cause for alarm, but this article will give you the main reasons we feel...................

I get acid reflux at night… what do I do?

Would you believe that acid reflux may be affected by what you eat, supplements you take, and even a couple of evening..................

My belly is feeling bloated and looks distended

Almost everyone suffering with over-acidification (heartburn, excessive gas, acid reflux, etc.) experiences ..................

Do digestive disorders run in families?

This will be a very short article and will not only answer the question regarding digestive disorder DNA, but ..................

What can I do for excessive yeast (Thrush, yeast infections, candida imbalance, candidiasis)?

Millions of people now suffer from candida albicans overrun, which is often referred to by one of the names ..................

I get diarrhea when I am stressed. What can I do?

For the last few decades, digestive disorders including diarrhea have become epidemic. One form or symptom ..................

Supplements, diet, or a combination of both for digestive relief?

We believe we have the most effective, accurate, and well researched, science based diet in existence for digestive..................

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I'm having a flare up, and my weight is already too low, what now?

Catalyst Foods Explained

How does tea help a digestive problem?

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