The Why and How for Grapefruit Seed Extract

These days, antibiotics are handed out like candy. Here at we do not suggest avoiding them when necessary because doctors prescribe them for good reason, but here are some things to consider…

  • A massive part of your immune system is dependent on your gut health… antibiotics damage and destroy intestinal flora.
  • This means, rounds of antibiotics deplete the good bacteria in your gut and make you less able to fight off the next health problem your body has to deal with.
  • The right probiotics undo the damage from antibiotics but it takes time, much like seeding a garden. Your gut bacteria has to colonize (multiply) to become effective again.
  • Don’t confuse Grapefruit Seed Extract with “Grape Seed Extract” which sounds similar but does not have any antibiotic effect.

      So lets get to the point… Grapefruit seed extract (a natural antibiotic) gives your body’s immune system a natural boost to help you fight off infections. GSE is not as strong as an antibiotic, nor is it damaging. Our clients say, GSE, if used at the first sign of trouble, often solves the problem without the need for professional help at all.

      Our family takes grapefruit seed extract at the onset of any infection… sore throat, stomach twinge, low energy etc. It’s great to start taking at the early signs of a flare up, but it’s also great for things like a common cold. 

      Our family swears by it. GSE is a wonderful thing to have on the shelf in your home at all times.

      This is a product that will last a long time on your shelf. You can simply take as needed by following the instructions on your bottle. 

      We would like to say that if you have an infection, GSE is not meant to replace doctor visits, advice, or antibiotics. Also, because it is derived from grapefruit you must avoid it if you are on any medications that don’t allow the consumption of grapefruit.

      Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease or health issue. These articles are not a substitute for competent medical advice. The author is not medically trained, nor are these articles reviewed by medical or trained personnel.

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