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Keto and Atkins Diet: Can they work with Pain Free Foods?

Keto and Atkins Diet: Can they work with Pain Free Foods?

Good Question !!

This diet is called Keto, and it’s so popular that several of our followers are wondering if it is compatible with the Pain Free Foods Catalyst Avoidance program that is helping them stay digestive symptom free. The answer is… it depends. Let me clear this up for you quickly and painlessly.

Hopefully you already know that the “Keto Diet” (many similarities to Atkins) is a low carb diet that changes how/what the body uses for energy. The goal is ketosis (among other benefits) is to force the body to consume fat for energy since sugars and carbs are mostly unavailable. I like the Keto program for several reasons and several members of my family use it part time. This short email however will only show you how to use Keto or Atkins in conjunction with our main eating method: Catalyst Food Avoidance or CFA.

CFA is simple in theory; all meals are either protein meals (90% or more protein vs carbs at 10% or less) or carb meals (the opposite). This creates enzyme digestion and acid reduction. These two factors alone will allow the body to heal almost all digestive disorders!

Now: Keto or Atkins WITH CFA: 
Keto and Atkins (from a simplified standpoint as it relates to CFA) is simply eating all protein meals and avoiding carb meals. 

Because to do CFA properly, you don’t HAVE to include carb meals at all… you can say that Keto and Atkins are CFA friendly. The problem is that Keto is slightly less strict than CFA in the carb to protein ratio of a given meal.

Things to pay attention to:

1️⃣. Check your eat out guide.

    a) Your eat out guide is tried and tested for digestive disorders specifically and some of the foods allowed on Keto don’t fit in the W or P category on your guide.

     b) Avocado for example is an S on our program but Keto allows it. You could still eat it, but you can’t group it with a protein meal because it will cause a digestive setback even though it’s allowed on Keto.

2️⃣. In and around a flare up, meat of all kinds is harder on your digestive system and we suggest higher carb meals. Be conscious of where you’re at in the healing process for your digestive tract. Weight loss diets shouldn’t take priority over digestive system recovery.

3️⃣. The easiest simplest way to follow a low carb diet AND stick to the CFA grouping program is to eat from only the P and W categories of your eat out guide. They are Keto friendly and you wont have to worry about grouping the wrong foods.  

Well, there you have it. Keto and Atkins are perfectly acceptable additions to a healthy digestive program that you can use not only for health benefits, but to manage weight safely and not go off your Pain Free Foods “wagon.” 

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease or health issue. These articles are not a substitute for competent medical advice. The author is not medically trained, nor are these articles reviewed by medical or trained personnel.  

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