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How Does Slippery Elm Work?

Good Question !!

Slippery Elm is an unusual supplement and if you have any negative digestive symptoms after meals, it can be a complete game changer.

Slippery elm is a powerful herb. When S.E. is consumed, it produces a gel that is virtually identical to the mucosal lining that coats the inside of a healthy person’s digestive tract. People with digestive symptoms tend to have sections of stomach and intestine where this lining is damaged or missing. This gel/mucus lining is the only protection between stomach acid and your delicate tissues. 

Taken before each meal, this natural gel moves through the digestive system and can “paint” the stomach and intestines to keep them resistant to acid and acid damage. This may allow these sensitive tissues time to rebuild and start restoring their natural mucosal lining. 

Imagine how hard it may be for the person not taking S.E. to recover when hydrochloric acid is hitting this exposed tissue 20 + times per week. That is not a good scenario for rebuilding, especially for those not following the Pain Free Foods eating plan.

Slippery elm is also good to take if you are going to consume any alcoholic beverages. Even if grouped with an appropriate meal as per the PFF categories, alcohol is a solvent, not a food, and generally hard on the digestive tract, so if you choose to drink, make sure you take a few slippery elm capsules before you do. 

Slippery elm trees take ten years to properly mature and become ready for the bark to be harvested. It’s a complex process but we try to keep our slippery elm priced as low as possible so it’s easily accessible for all. It’s that important.

Important note about slippery elm: 
Never take S.E. in the same 30 min. timeframe as prescription medications because it can encapsulate medications, making them less effective. Make sure to take it at least 30 min. after taking any important or prescription meds you are taking.

*Disclaimer': Rachel's Tea is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If you are seeing a doctor or taking medications, continue to do so and consult with your physician before starting any new eating or nutrition program or changing your medication regimen. We do believe in this program and stand behind our guarantee 100%, but we are never going to be aware of all the conditions or complications that may exist in an individual patient. Doctors or nurses do not supervise Rachel's Tea nor have any trained personnel in any country evaluated its theories or recommendations. None of the statements on this website or within the program have been evaluated by the FDA or any other agency of any government of any country."

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