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GSE Liquid

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GSE Liquid

$ 18.95

GSE is an antibiotic alternative that is organically sourced from grapefruit seeds (do not confuse with grape seed extract which is not effective). Our family uses GSE for everything from sterilizing household objects (mix with water and use like bleach) to treating and shortening colds and sore throats. We’ve had very good reviews from hundreds of clients telling us that this product can sometimes help avert an attack or flare-up by taking it several times per day when they feel that, “twinge down there.”

This product is a liquid in a dropper bottle. It has a very bitter taste so if you are taste sensitive, put 10 to 20 drops in a capsule when you take it. We give you 30 empty capsules with each bottle so you don’t have to buy a bag of capsules at the store. This product is more effective than the tablet form so we recommend it. Do not take on an empty stomach. I have used this product, when necessary for long periods of time (many weeks) without any noticeable adverse effects. My only theory as to how this antibiotic seems to be completely beneficial compared to pharmacy antibiotics is that perhaps, being a natural food extract, it attacks anaerobic bacteria (the bad stuff) and leaves the aerobic bacteria such as probiotic strains alone. Admittedly this is not supported by clinical study or evidence. I just believe in this product and to me, and in our family, and according to those who have reported back to us… it works. $18.95

Note: Some people take medications that make eating grapefruit a “no no.” Not being doctors, we don’t advise on this issue so check with your doctor.

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