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Rachel's Tea

Turmeric Extract

$ 22.95

Finally a natural NSAID (pain and inflammation medicine. Drugs such as Tylenol, aspirin, Excedrin, Aleve, and Motrin) and even antidepressant replacer, including: and… drumroll; shown in clinical studies to be as effective as *Prozac for depression but without known side effects!

Mike says that curcumin is the best natural anti-inflammatory in existence. Curcumin is a component of the turmeric root. Products differ by being either regular (low effectiveness) or concentrated curcumin (up to 95% curcumanoid which is the active ingredient) making it much more effective. Curcumin is an incredibly valuable supplement for pain, inflammation, sleep, and mood improvement. Now we get to the tough part; all turmeric and curcumin is not created equal and most supplement companies put profit over effectiveness. Curcumin alone is not readily absorbed into the body at the levels necessary for pain relief or mood improvement.

This works immediately for digestive issues because the necessary components are delivered directly to the affected areas but for other conditions such as joint pain, headache, body aches, overall painkilling, and mood improvement, a high blood concentration is necessary. This is accomplished by taking concentrated turmeric/curcumin where the active ingredients (curcumanoids) are 95% of the product (then its usually called either C3, or BCM TM), by adding another ingredient that causes a much higher absorption rate through the intestine (the best is BioPerine), and also by taking it daily. Normally when you have all those “planets align” in one product it costs $40 to $80per bottle. Many companies play games with the mg per capsule, the number of capsules per bottle, leaving out the BioPerine TM, or reducing the amount of 95% curcuminoid in the formula to make their product seem less expensive. They are not just less expensive, in many cases they are inferior and ineffective. Our recommended formula is from Nature’s Lab and has all the components in the right proportions (zero plain turmeric). For pain reduction or mood elevation, you will take this product on an ongoing basis. It is not overly effective to take “as needed” like a pharmaceutical drug, so don’t buy this product unless you will give it a good two to four week trial. $19.95

*Note: do not discontinue the use of any doctor recommended drug, especially SSRIs such as Prozac without the approval and supervision of your doctor. These drugs require supervised withdrawal to avoid potentially fatal side effects.

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