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Cook Book SALE!

$ 14.99

New for 2017! 200 brand new recipes already tailored to the Pain Free Foods program. This new recipe/cookbook not only has 200 new recipes that already follow the program, but they are fully divided up into protein, carbohydrate, and watery food groups. Next, Rachel and staff divided each meal into a “high calorie” or “low calorie” meal for those who are trying to either gain or lose weight. All meals are also divided up by meal type, i.e.: Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and smoothies.

Not only are there 200 new recipes but the original 200 Pain Free Food recipes are also included so you will have everything in front of you when you’re ready to cook. In this new book, the original 200 recipes are divided according to P,S, and W meal types but also have calories per serving for those needing “weight gain” or “weight loss” meals. This puts the total recipe count at over 400 in this new book.

One of the best things about the new Recipe Collection is the section that teaches you exactly how to take your own family favorite recipes, and make them “Pain Free Food” friendly. Rachel covers the details and acceptable substitutes, so almost every meal or recipe (with one or two simple recipe tweaks) becomes “PFF legal.”

The book comes in both digital format for $7.95, and hardcopy (softcover with spiral binding) for $14.99. Either way, mealtime is about to get a lot more fun and interesting at your home.

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