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(CF) Candida Balance

Rachel's Tea

(CF) Candida Balance

$ 26.50

Candida Balance probiotic is a very broad spectrum, high unit count, long shelf life, and high quality probiotic like PB8 but with the added benefit of a small amount of colostrum and a blend of additional bacteria that overwhelm candida albicans fungus (yeast). Everyone has candida present in their body and it is not a problem for most people. Many women and some men however have a body that is overwhelmed by candida and that is a problem.

Women who are prone to yeast infections or anyone who says they have a “sweet tooth” (sweet, dessert, and pasta/starch loving souls) are often the victims of excessive candida albicans bacteria. If this is you, then Candida Balance helps solve this difficult problem while still getting a top-notch probiotic. $26.50

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