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Really helped with my acid reflux. Very soothing for my eosaphagis. Tastes great too.

Amazing products

Love the Great help with my diverticulitis disease .

Digestive Tea
Maximiliano Melara

Excellent tea

Peppermint Oil
Barbara Slagle
Great for digestion

Love this product. Great for acid indigestion.

Slippery Elm (NOW)
Cynthia Rich
Always Happy with Rachelstea

I have been taking Slippery Elm for years now. I didn't keep a good eye on my supplies and ran out. I was reminded of why I started taking Slippery Elm in the first place! Slippery Elm really works! Thank you so much for getting the Slippery Elm to me so quickly!
Thank you Rachelstea for your fine products!

Turmeric Blend

Dear Rachel,

Dear Rachel and family, I am so grateful for the turmeric blend!!! It has been a life saver for me in all the ways you described it would help… inflammation, anxiety, and depression as well. Since I am unable to swallow pills these days, I open the capsule and blend it with applesauce and take it with my breakfast with no worries! I can then go about my day knowing I can handle the stress that I may encounter. I gave my daughter one of the two bottles I just ordered so will make sure to place my order soon. I hope you will always keep this product in stock as I never want to go a day without taking it. Thank you again in all you do for sharing your wonderful products.

Take care and stay well!


Peppermint Oil
christine mills
affect on blood thinners

Just purchased my first bottle so have not tried yet. Some concern that the fennel and ginger may affect blood thinning since I take a blood thinner for atrial fib. Do you have any information on that?

Digestive Tea
Katherine Martinez

This tea has made a world of difference in my daily digestion- no more gas, no more “gurgling” stomach noises and best of all no more diarrhea!! I drink it every morning and evening 😊
Thank you !!

Digestive Tea
john mcbride
Thank You!

Have never been much of a hot tea drinker until being recently diagnosed with diverticulitis. This tea is a part of my morning and evening routine now and it absolutely helps and calms my digestive tract! Would highly recommend!

Digestive Tea
Mary Olson

It has really helped name with my digestion issues

Peppermint Oil
maggie brooks

I love these..I do take these bloat is gone..Great ! Thank you ♥️

Digestive Tea
Jacinta Levy
Great product but expensive to import

the product is really good and helps with my diverticulitis but the import duties are too expensive and will restrict my ability to order future product which is a real shame but nearly 30 euros for the last import is much too much to be able to sustain every few months

Digestive Tea
Elizabeth Negri
Delicious while providing relief

This tea is delicious and calming. The ingredients are a perfect blend and have helped me for the past few years while battling both Crohn's and IBS. I highly recommend this tea!

Digestive Tea
Edward Miller
Digestive tea

Awesome product. Works its magic as a digestive tea, but just as pleasant to sip and enjoy with a little lemon and honey.
Thank you Rachel

So Helpful!

These Peppermint Gels are so helpful if bloated! So frustrating when you feel that way, but these will help you to feel better fast!

Good Quality and Good Value!

Always very pleased with every product I have purchased from Rachel’s Tea! Your products always work as you described. Will keep retuning to your site as I needed.

Suffering no more!

I've been suffering with LLQ pain for MONTHS. Now I drink this tea daily and have barely a twinge now and then! It's been life changing for me!


Give it a try! You might be pleasantly surprised like I was! I'm sleeping better and having a LOT less anxiety! Thank you for providing such an awesome product!

Slippery Elm
Linda McCormick
Avoiding Surgery

Thank you for this product because it has helped me to avoid having a complicated surgery!

Didn’t help with my Ibs

Rachel’s PRO 100 didn’t help me with my IBS. It made me more boated.

Digestive Tea
Richard Summers

Thanks. Arrived in very good time as usual.
Get back on the tea again now !! Yaya

Basic Startup Package
Kirsty Steventon
Life saver

Amazing products that are the only thing to help with my diverticular disease. Thank you . 100% recommend.

Only thing that works for me when I have a flare up!

Digestive Tea
Kendra Hickox
I have received my tea

Thanks for the tea it's wonderful and it's helped me settle my stomach. I will continue ordering my tea Thanks alot.

Slim Detox tea
Debi wheeler
Loving the detox tea

I received a complimentary bag of slimming tea with my order, and am loving the great taste and feeling! ..and It’s helped me to cut down drastically on coffee! Would be happy to find an international shipping option for a higher spend on this item too. Will definitely be ordering!