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Slim Detox tea
Georg Horvath
Undelivered detox tea.

Even though I was informed 4 days ago that my purchase was delivered, as of Febr. 3, there was no delivery. Please refund purchase amount of $21.95
since I have no way of confirming what is happening. Thank you,
George Horvath

Digestive Tea
Renee Andes
I never skip a day

I drink this tea in the morning and then re-use the tea bag for my evening cup. I definitely feel the difference if I miss a cup. I will also have an extra cup if my stomach feels “off” and can feel the difference immediately. I will not be without my Rachael’s Tea!

Slippery Elm
Kathleen Dyce
Taking since 2016

Have been taking Slippery Elm since 2016 before meals. Have not had to visit ER since for abdominal troubles. So happy to have found Rachel and family.

Macro nutrients
Kathleen Dyce
Macro Greens

Recently received my first order of Macro Greens. Took it as you suggested with 2 ounces of water, shaken well. Did not mind the taste at all. Will let you know how it goes after I take it awhile.

Rachel’s Tea

I have never been a tea drinker until Rachel said put it in your coffee.
It’s perfect for me it’s good for my tummy.
I just ordered the Slim Tea, green tea is healthy for you so will add to my coffee.
Been with Rachel’s Tea for years everything I order works for me.
Sonia is so nice and knowledgeable she takes time to answer my questions.
It’s a great company!!

Digestive Tea
Henry Cole
Wish I’d known years sooner!

I highly recommend it to anyone, it worked wonders for my issues, not tied to the toilet which ruined my mornings way to often, less than 30 minutes most days now, all because of Rachelstea, it’s nice that 2 cups can be made with one bag. The price is reasonable and well worth for the results I got from it.

Rachel's Tea and Turmeric Blend

I am taking these two products and believe they are helping a lot with my over all health. I am sharing my information to others who are suffering from diverticulitis and other aniexty.

Love it

I don't think it is sweet at all! It took a day or 2 to get used to drinking bc I do not like tea but now if I miss it I almost crave it! Excellent product. Certainly helped with my gut health too.

Free 7-Day Sample
Loretta Brown
Rachel's Tea is Fantastic!!! Amazing

Simple Amazing love this Tea for Diverticulitis, IBS, C-def colitis, gastritis...for All My Digestive Issues Thank You So Very Much

Slim Detox tea
Patty Dinnerville
3 stars

I really don't like how sweet it is. I'll stick with my digestive tea.

Digestive Tea
Elaine Perkins
Great tea

I drink this tea every night and it is delicious and also calming on my stomach. It has over time reduced the bloating I felt and is a great new routine I do for myself

Digestive Tea
Karen Strand
Love it!

I use it often as needed, thanks for a great product. :-)

Peppermint Oil
Suzanne Shea
Amazing relief!

Have purchased these peppermint gels several times now. I just love them and the way they help my tummy! That and Rachels Tea together are my favorite go to!

Digestive Tea
Jean Ranstead

This tea has actually helped with my stomach discomfort so this is my second order.

Digestive Tea
Vicki Coleman
I’m a Fan

I highly recommend this tea to anyone experiencing stomach issues. It has helped me immensely. I was drinking it twice everyday. Now I’m sort of on an “as needed” basis; although I often have a cup before dinner just to be on the safe side.

Vicki Coleman

Digestive Tea
James Skiles
Great results

My wife's stomach issues have nearly disappeared since she began drinking Rachel's Tea daily. Truly remarkable results.


After using it 2 weeks, it seems to agree with me well. It is a tasty morning and evening drink.

Digestive Tea
Dianajoy Monroe
Digestive Tea

This Tea is the best tea that has happened to me In my life I make a gallon of ice tea every week. During the winter I have to brew my tea on the stove however during the summer my tea is brewed by the SUN. I also Brew my on blend and adding Rachels digestive Tea to my blend has helped me in more ways than I can count. All of my Tea blends are decaf and Rachel’s fits right in with them. Thank you Rachel for all you do and also to Mom for always making us feel like we are part of the family.

Great tea, Great Service

You have saved me...I have Diverticulitis and this has helped me so much. I drink this tea several times a day for years now. I rarely have a flareup and if I do...It is because I ate something that I should not have. I give it to people to try. I will never be with out it.. Thanks so much for helping me to control my digestive issues!!!!

Berry Probiotic
Julie Harris

These are 👍 great. I have been taking them for a while now, the only problem I have is remembering to take them

Digestive Tea
MaryAnn O'Flanagan

My wife found this tea for me. I had my first documented episode of diverticulitis 8 years ago that landed me in the hospital for 5 days. Since then the flare-ups happened more often. I've always had stomach problems, so that covers several decades.
Drinking this tea is a life changer for me. I am by no means a tea drinker but the benefits of this tea far outweigh that and it tastes fine.
I am amazed how much just drinking this in the morning has helped.
Thank you very much.

Digestive Tea
Lisa Philpot

Loving it so far,it has really helped with my digestive issues.

Miracle tea!!! 🙏🏻

I swear by this tea!!!My mother was so sick!!! she could not go anywhere or do anything for over a year. she suffered with diverticulitis. I don’t know where she would be without the digestive tea.Thank you Rachel!!! My mother now feels 100% she can function and do the things that she used to do!!! What a blessing and a miracle!!!🙏🏻🥰

Cook Book
Marie Stalberte-Henry

Great Cookbook...Love "Everything" in it: This NEW System of eating has literally prolonged my life, and, considerably improved my "WAY" of Life. Thanks soo much!!🤗🤗🤗

Rachel's Digestive Tea is a Lifesaver!

Rachel's Tea always provides my stomach with the needed ingredients to soothe my stomach at the beginning and end of each day. I am finding that I have less stomach upset when I do "splurge" and eat foods which have seemed to be "the culprits" responsible for upsetting my digestive system in the past.