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GSE Liquid
Diane Martinson

As I read all the reviews everyone seems to use a different number of drops, 15, 8 and Rachael says 20. How do you know how many drops to take, would more drops work better than less? I have been using 12 when the cramps start because that’s what a lot of people on Earth Clinic use would more drops like the 20 work faster? Does anyone know how many drops are safe to take a day?

GSE Liquid
Diane Martinson

I love GSE, as soon as I feel the cramps I start with aloe juice with GSE drops three times a day. I see a lot of people take it everyday which I didn’t know was ok. If you use it all the time will it still work as well when you need it? I would also like to know how to use it for colds and flu, how much and how often? I never know how long to use it after the cramps are gone, anyone know?

Candida Support
Diane Martinson
Yeast allergy

My husband was told he had a yeast allergy and that’s why his feet were so swollen plus why he’d get out of breath. With a two week special diet and anti fungals all the swelling went down. Now of course some is back because the diet was so complicated and he couldn’t take the time to do the elimination part properly. Would your Candida support help someone with a yeast allergy?

Magnesium stearate

I was going to try your turmeric but see you have magnesium stearate in it which I have read many times is not good for your digestive track. Since your business is digestion I was wondering why you would use it?

Rachel's PRO 100
Diane Martinson
Probiotics and IBS

I have been diagnosed with IBS and diverticulosis so I have been through the Fodmap routine. One thing I was told to avoid is the FOS that’s in your probiotics. Can you give me some suggestions what to look for so it’s as good as yours?

Free 7-Day Sample
Larry Richards
Super Product

We have been using this tea for years and would not want to be without it. It is
Thanks! Larry & Linda

GSE Liquid
Teresa Jewell

I feel like the diverticulitis is heal. Had gut pain for several months. Now now sign of it and no pain.

Digestive Tea
Holly Allen
Rachel’s Digestive Tea

My husband found this tea on the internet. He has issues and is always looking for help. He loves it! Saves the used bags in fridge, in water and even drinks it cold! I love it at night just because it tastes great and is very soothing. Thanks Rachel!

GSE Liquid
Saves a lot of pain

So glad I found GSE and all of racheals products.

Digestive Tea
Kelley Wilkens
So Good!

This tea! Oh my goodness this tea is absolutely delicious. I ordered some when I ordered the book and I am so glad I did. It is so soothing, comforting and tastes amazing. I am a devout coffee drinker/coffee snob from the Pacific Northwest where coffee runs through our veins, but this tea has now become my afternoon beverage. It is literally comfort in a mug. I highly recommend this tea! Thank you Rachel so much for such a great product!

Digestive Tea
Elaine Perkins

I am drinking the tea at least 1 x a day sometimes 2 and it does seem to have helped me a little. It tastes great I am giving it more time

Elaine, let us know if you have questions we can help you with.

Free 7-Day Sample
Susan Kapetanich
Happy with it.

So far, it seems to help with the digestive issues I have, including having had surgery for diverticulitis.

Thanks for sharing, Susan. Let us know if you have questions we can help you with.


my go to for digestive help

Thanks for sharing, Ninai!

Digestive Tea
Karen Cochran

The teas really helps. Quite calming. Glad a friend told me about this product.

Thanks for sharing, Karen!

Digestive Tea
Annie Hickey
Tea that calms and heals

Rachel’s tea is my go to when I am unwell with diarrhea or any digestive symptoms. It just works..remarkable as that sounds…even on good days it helps calm and relax me. So grateful for pain free food’s family for being there to help people with these medical problems.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Annie! We're so happy you feel better with our products! Let us know if you have questions we can help you with.

Love this tea

Lovely taste while working better than toxic filled over the counter meds.

Best thing I’ve found

Rachel’s Tea is the best thing I’ve found to help with IBS and everything that comes with it. Just try it!!

Hi Cindy, glad to know our products are helping you! Let us know if you have questions we can help you with :)

Free 7-Day Sample
Shirley Hubbard
Tea has really help

I drink the tea at least twice a day & it has really helped my stomach issues. And I have ordered more. Thank you for the sample!

Thank you for sharing Shirley!

Candida Support
maggie brooks
Saved my life

I went for yrs in pain the last couple months..from your products; im.back to me pain..Thank you so much .Just gave my dentist your site...Life Saver for me 😘💕❤💖

Maggie, we're so happy to know you feel better now!! Let us know if you need us!

Premium Startup Package
Deborah Miller
Pleasantly Surprised!

Love the products! After several very painful flare ups, I was grateful to have come across your products. In following your recommendations, I have not had any flares in two weeks.
Thank you Rachel's Tea!

Thank you so much Deb! We are so happy to know you feel better with our products and our recommendations.

Diverticulitis Book
Kelley Wilkens

This book is amazing and the absolute answer to anyone suffering with diverticulitis or IBS. I just finished my first week from starting the new way to eat and can honestly say for the first time in years my guts feels healed and I’m pain free. This new way of eating makes so much sense! I am beyond grateful to Mike for writing this book! Thank you so much!

Awesome! Happy to hear your successful journey! Let us know if you have questions we can help you with :)

Free 7-Day Sample
Robyn Stallman
Love this tea

This tea works great. I even like the flavor. It took me my second cup to like the taste and now i really enjoy it. Try it. You wont be sorry and your digestive system will thank you.

Thank you for sharing, Robyn!

Digestive Tea
Ute Lundy

I love this tea and the other products I have purchased.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Rachel's PRO 100
Jeanette Horne

These probiotics are really helpful to me!

Happy to know our probiotics helped you, Jean!

Excellent customer service

I want to thanks Sonia for calling me back and answering all my questions. The customer service is excellent.
Thanks again.

Thank you Martha! Let us know if you have questions we can help you with :)