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Slippery Elm (NOW)
Jane Martin
Wonderful Relief

Slippery Elm has been a lifesaver for me! I believe that my taking it "first thing" in the morning prior to breakfast, and before meals which might cause digestive stress has helped me to better navigate my issues. Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your experience, Jane! Happy to know our Slippery Elm has been helping you!

Digestive Tea
Jennifer Bevis

The Digestive Tea saves me whenever a hint of "that feeling" comes along. It's the first thing I list when telling others about your site. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe and making such a wonderful product.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and our products, Jen! We are so happy to be of help!

Digestive Tea
Alicia Williams
Digestive Tea

I read the reviews and said to myself it’s time you stop wasting money and time. I read the review and said let’s try this tea. I added honey and waited till it cooled off and this tea is the actually good to drink and a bonus good for our health. Thank all the people at Rachelstea because you may me n my body happy to kick constipation out of our lives.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Alicia!!

Digestive Tea
Richard Brown
Digestive tea

Just started digestive tea, like it so far and trusting it will help. Ordered the prebiotic and will be starting that also. Thankyou for your help. Oh, and I was a liver of Greek yogurt, I took your advice and started So delicious coconut milk yogurt. Love it. Thankyou

Thank you for sharing your experience, Richard!!

Digestive Tea
Susan Leonardo
Digestive Tea! A Lifesaver

I have suffered from stomach issues IBS lactose intolerance (diarrhea /constipation /bloating/severe foul gas /painful tender belly) on and off over the last 3 years, it has gotten more consistent & persistently worse these last 3/4 months.. I have tried otc remedies, prescription, herbal teas, digestive enzymes of every organic brand..
No help. No exaggeration or BS this helped me within 3 days of driving it 2x a day. First thing in the morning and before bedtime, I don't enjoy the taste not with honey either.. So I let it cool off just a bit and drink it a couple of gulps followers by room temperature water!!! This is AHHHMAZING!!!!! I truly have recommend it to everyone. It really works my bloating my smelly gas is almost non existent.. It was a huge struggle for me... THANK YOU this tea concoction is the MVP!

Thank you for sharing your experience and we are so happy to know that our products have been helping you! Thank you!

Wonderful company

Rachel’s tea is a great resource! I have been using their products and consulting with Sonia by phone several times regarding my diverticulitis. She was so patient and helpful as I prepared for the Thanksgiving holiday and a cruise as well. With her suggestions and using slippery elm, peppermint gels and the Pro Tumeric and Grapefruit seed extract I was able to avoid any flare ups. I highly recommend both their products and their advice!

Thank you for sharing your experience, Bonie!

Free 7-Day Sample
Diane Gomola
Tea is soothing

Been in a Crohn's flare. Not absorbing well.
This tea is so calm and soothing from my esophagus to my intestines. Hopefully another week of drinking Rachel's tea will help me feel better. So far so good!

Thank you for sharing your experience, Diane!

GSE Liquid
Maureen McQuaid

I keep GSE handy in case of a flare up. The bottle I had at home was expired, so I ordered it to replace the expired bottle. I find it very helpful and curative when things get out of hand. I travel frequently and always carry it with me. I wouldn’t be without it. Thankfully I have not needed it!

Thank you for sharing your experience, Mau!

Digestive Tea
Inez Jauregui
So grateful

I’ve been dealing with stomach issues for quite some time, I heard of Rachel’s teeth from the girlfriend of mine. I have been purchasing it ever since it is so helpful in every way specifically did digestive tea and a slippery elm. I don’t go without it it has helped me tremendously.
I’ve also been using human, which really helps me can’t say enough good things about the company

Thank you for sharing your experience, Inez!

Digestive Tea
Joan Mallon

I am very pleased with Digestive tea I ordered. My symptoms have calmed down to a sustainable level Thank you again.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Joan!

Digestive Tea
Adrienne Nicole Williams

I was introduced to this tea about 8 years ago. I used to drink it every single day until the symptoms went away 100%. My GI Physician thought I had ended up taking the prescribed medication, but I hadn't. (I did get permission to try a holistic approach first). If I have symptoms of a flare-up, I drink the tea for a few days and I'm back to normal. I would DEFINITELY recommend this tea to aid with GI discomfort or issues.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Adrienne!

Excellent tea

Thank you Viv!


I have found this suppliment to be very effective in helping with my arthritis. I take it once a day.

Thank you, Barker! Hope you are feeling better!

Digestive Tea
Theresa Evatt

Tastes wonderful! I have shared with a few friends who are dealing with digestive issues.

Thank you for sharing these with your friends! Let us know if they need help :)

GSE Tablets
Joyce Borge

Works well. Very nice to have natural choice that is effective.

Appreciate all Rachel’s Tea does.

Thank you Joyce! Always here for you!

Digestive Tea
elizabeth keene

I lv the tea and other products I orded thank yu
Betty Keene

Thank you for loving our products, Beth!

Love the tea

I love this tea and have a cup every day.i put honey in it and it is so good.

We love putting honey too! Thanks for sharing, Sue!

Digestive Tea
Shelly Kelley
Love this tea

Use this tea religiously and you will not regret it!

Thank you for sharing, Shelly!

Digestive Tea
Margaret Barber
digestive tea

Ilove the tea but would like to know whats the best way to help me with constipation, can I take the tea more than 2 times a day?

Constipation is caused by either; low fluid intake (especially water), or slow movement of fecal material through the bowels. The intestines constantly absorb moisture from the fecal material. If they move slowly due to weak intestinal musculature or lack of water intake, the material dehydrates and moves slowly. Constipation can also be caused by medication but only because medications may cause slow bowels or cause dehydration (back to the same two reasons). Slow intestinal musculature must be healed over time by reversing over acidification (the catalyst avoidance diet) and other secrets in this book. Water intake however is something you can do now. Take your weight in pounds, divide by two and that is how much water, in ounces, you should drink each day. If you weigh in kilos, just drink about a liter per 35 kilos of body weight. Drink about 50% more in the summer if you are active. Also, slippery elm (a mucilloid) not only protects your intestinal lining from acid, it acts as a sort of lubricant when taken with each meal. It does not worsen diarrhea but often eliminates constipation within a couple of days.

Free 7-Day Sample
Raquel Gonzalez
Sample of Greatness

I ordered this Sample for my sons' mother-in-law & she absolutely loved it. She has stomach issues as well as her husband & it worked - of course!

Thank you for sharing, Raquel! Let us know how we can help you further! -Rachel

Digestive Tea
Annette Cooke
Good for us!

Tea is good for our stomach!

Thanks for sharing, Annette!

Slippery Elm
Antoinette Pearl
eat in peace

Takes a bit to get the habit of following food guide then remembering to take before meal, but this plan works

Thank You for helping me

I’ve had diverticulitis for a couple of years now. Anytime I’m not feeling so well I pop in a tea in the microwave for 2 mins then ready to enjoy and feel refreshed right away.

Thank you for sharing your experience! Happy to know our products have been helping you!! :)

Digestive Tea
Ann Roy I am drinking my Rachael’s tea and enjoying it

Love my Rachael’s digestive tea.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Ann! Happy to know our products have been helping you!! :)

Only the best

I’ve got the worst gut of all time this tea relaxes my ibs and helps with my gerd acid reflux and hiatal hernia ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you for sharing your experience, Blunt! Happy to know our products have been helping you!! :)