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5 stars

Sonia has been a godsend with my recent flare up. She patiently walked me through a protocol using Rachael’s Curcumin , Rachael’s tea, GFC, and peppermint jells that really worked. I highly recommend the Rachael tea products!!

Digestive Tea
Digestive tea

Love Rachel’s tea, it’s the best thing I could have started since my surgery. Have referred to family and friends.

Digestive Tea
Rachel's Tea

This tea has become my morning routine. I also take it with me any time I travel. So good and has helped me to heal. Thank you for an amazing product.

Aches and pains

I take once a day for leg and hand aches. If. Having a flare up will take twice a day for a week and I am fine again.

Digestive Tea
Carol Coates
Rachel's Tea

I've established my routine and am enjoying Rachel's Tea in the morning and at night. Glad to be back on the auto renewal plan. You guys are great.

Only the best

Rachel's tea products have been a life saver for me. I cannot be without them. Digestive tea, peppermint gels, slippery elm, MSM....must haves!

Slippery Elm
Mericathryn Dickinson
Great buy

This product is excellent. I have been using it for 3 days now. It is really helping. Glad I purchased it.

Rachel's Pro Turmeric Blend

Can these capsules be opened and taken with applesauce? i can't swallow the pills

Digestive Tea
Nicole Klok
The Best

Hands down the best solution/support for GI issues. I was skeptical when I first ordered this tea, but that quickly changed when I had relief and healing within the first week. I will not go without this tea now - it is amazing!

Digestive Tea
Lucinda Twedt

Would recommend this tea, it has helped calm and restore my digestive problems. I have a cup every few days and if GI upset then drink it at least daily, good stuff

Candida Support
Donna Hayes

Love this product to balance out my body. Very helpful.


After a colon rupture on April Fool's Day 2019, I've been searching for products that combat diverticulosis symptoms and flares. I found it! These products will be a staple in my cabinet from here on out.

Digestive Tea
Jonelle Derby

The tea is truly a relief. I was hospitalized recently with diverticulitis and after I was discharged this tea helped calm my flare and make my recovery much easier.

Thank you for sharing, Jonelle!

Please Change Btl Count from 50 to 60

RE: Rachel's PRO Berry Chewables
(10 Billion from 10 Strains)
50 Chewables

Great product ! But could you *please increase number of chewables in bottle from 50 to 60*?
(*As most other brands of yhis type of product do.*)
**Thereby helping those who use your product to: 1. keep enough on hand, and 2. make it better/easier managing 'timing' of purchasing of chewables.
Thank You

Free 7-Day Sample
Kendra Hickox Yes am happy with the product thanks it does help my bloating
Rachel's tea is wonderful

I would recommend Rachel's Tea to anyone with digestive issues or any kind of stomach issue it's a Life changer. I have been taking the products for 2 years now and I haven't had any flare ups thank u Rachel's Tea.

Thank you for sharing, Kendra! We're happy to know you feel better with our tea!

Slim Detox tea
Patricia Kelly
slim detox tea

i haven't used the tea everyday, i'm not seeing any difference yet . However the flavor is good. Several bags have split open leave tea leaves in the cup so i'm dumping quite a bit of it. Extremely expensive to be dumping down the drain.

Thank you for sharing, Patricia! We're happy to know you feel better with our tea!

Great for diverticulitis relief

I got this tea to help with my diverticulitis symptoms. It has really helped calm things down. I have a cup every day, and I refill it with more hot water and it is still strong enough. It's been very good for me.

Thank you for sharing, Mary! We're happy to know you feel better with our tea!

Slim Detox tea
Kathy Hellack

Every bag so far has burst open when placed in the water. We have ordered before with no problems. This order is defective

Weight of package?

How much does the package weigh?

Around 3.5 ounces, Keith!

Digestive Tea
sherry Reed

great product

Thank you, Sherry!

GSE Liquid
Jennifer lopp

This stuff is a lifesaver for flare-ups!! We have several bottles in vehicle and at home in case of an episode

Thank you for sharing, Jen!!

My husband has had stomach issues for as long as I can remember, and nothing has ever worked except this and Pro 100!! His stomach is almost normal!

Thank you for sharing, Jennifer! We're happy to know your husband feels better now!

Slim Detox tea
Joann Tolson
Slim detox tea

Use every morning. Have felt so much better. So thankful for Rachel’s teas.

Thank you for sharing, Joann! We're happy to know you feel better with our tea!

Digestive Tea
Janet Blessing
Definitely recommend

Soothes and calms an irritated digestive system very well. I think 30 bags well worth the price. Thank you!!!

Thank you for sharing, Janet! We're happy to know you feel better with our tea!

Digestive tea

I’m in love with this tea! I’ve noticed a huge difference since using it ❤️
Thank you!!!

Thank you for sharing, Karrie! We're happy to know you feel better with our tea!