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Rachel's Tea

Pain Free Foods New Edition for all Digestive Troubles

$ 9.96

This book was written to address combined issues from diverticulitis, colitis and Crohn’s to constipation, diarrhea, IBD, IBS and acid reflux. This very small book is the complete Catalyst Food Avoidance Program condensed into simpler terms. Less talk and detail but more straight forward eating rules.

With only 38 pages, this book can be read in an hour or so and referenced as a guide as you start a digestive dieting journey no matter your disorder or the severity of your condition.

What you'll get:

  • Pain Free Foods complete eating instructions
  • Flare up instructions
  • Laminated Eat Out Guide for easy meal reference
  • Trigger food list

Love this Catalyst food avoidance method after following for 3 days or we will buy it back!

For those with serious digestive issues, please join our Pain Free Foods Support Group on Facebook! Join thousands using Rachel's tea and products to improve their health. Ask questions and learn from others that were in your shoes!

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