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Enzymes and acid… the friend and foe battling YOU to death?

Almost all mammals including humans digest food in one of two ways. There is a preferred, highly efficient and “easy on the body” way to digest. Then there is a crude, inefficient, harsh way to digest food. The important thing to learn from this article is that you actually “CHOOSE” which of the two methods you use… every time you eat. Take one minute right now and put on your thinking cap and see if you know both methods, what happens when you choose a method, and why we say “you choose” which method your body uses.

Mentally answer true or false to the following statements:

1️⃣. Our body only digests food with acid.
2️⃣. Most people, even trained health workers believe acid digestion is good, normal, and natural.
3️⃣. Acid digestion is efficient and unlocks all the nutrients from food so I stay healthy.
4️⃣. My body is meant to withstand this constant flow of acid multiple times per day and no health issues are likely to come from acid digestion.

Now do the same with these next statements, then we will compare:

1️⃣. The body can also digest food with enzymes instead of acid.
2️⃣. The body usually chooses either acid OR enzymes to digest a meal but, prefers to use one of these methods at a time or per meal.
3️⃣. Enzyme digestion does not putrefy food or cause particularly bad odors and gas.
4️⃣. Enzyme digestion is not caustic to the body like acid is.
5️⃣. Enzyme digestion is extremely efficient at unlocking nutrients from food without degrading them.
6️⃣. You should be buying expensive enzyme supplements and taking them with each meal.

Well, how did you do Know most of the answers❓ Most people get about half wrong so we are going to summarize the correct answers in the next minute. If you are not sure, please finish the article and keep in mind that the trick to ending acid problems is all in a free digital book on this website.

Enzymes are the perfect digestion solution and enzymes are free (stored in your pancreas and liver). You have a lifetime supply. Enzymes unlock nutrients without putrefying your gut. Acid is a fast “rotting” process that often damages nutrients and vitamins in the digestion process. Over time, acid slowly etches it’s way through the protective armor in the gut and when this happens it can scar, damage, and inflame delicate digestive tissues (yes, this is bad). According to our research, this scaring, damage, and inflammation is the reason that over 60% of us now have acid issues (reflux, heartburn, bloating, and even diagnosed digestive issues).

You may wonder why your body would betray you in this acidic way, when we all have a wonderful lifelong supply of enzymes sitting there waiting to help. The answer is that specific food choices actually force the body to use acid instead of enzymes. Most food can be digested with enzymes but enzymes can’t digest one specific food mix… and due to our modern way of eating, we eat that mix every single day, almost every meal. 

Read the simple secrets of the Catalyst Food Avoidance diet at Rachel’s Tea and turn your digestion around in three days while eating almost all the foods you love.

Disclaimer: Not everyone has food allergies or sensitivities for the same reason or will experience the same result with this protocol. We are not doctors, nor are these facts reviewed by the FDA or doctors. We are presenting our theories and experience to show you what has worked for us and others using our strategies. Your condition is not known to us and you should not follow us if in doing so you are avoiding medical advice or treatment.

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