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Health researcher’s new Diverticulitis method changes everything for sufferers.

You’re about to learn why those who keep doing what they’ve always done, may get worse. Our clients are doing something different. We believe with this food list and our FREE tea recipe below you can turn back the clock on the health of your digestive system.

Through thousands of tests and long-term studies we have perfected the method that's going to change the game for you.

By the time you finish reading this short page, you’ll know what causes digestive issues. You are going to understand why this approach has created tens of thousands of loyal, believers and why my entire family pours our hearts into this business.

What Your Doctors Are Taught!

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Mike Hohlweg is a researcher and published author on digestive issues with over 45,000 happy followers.
His family has been helping sufferers of digestive issues for over a decade. He was able to naturally overcome his own serious digestive issue now his goal is to show others how to do it too.

When Mike was 20, he had a serious digestive disorder he overcame without Doctors or Drugs

Mike had a fairly young diagnosis of diverticulitis, then for almost two years, he worked overseas. While abroad he gave up his "American" diet and ate according to local traditions in an Asian country. After a few weeks, his digestive symptoms simply went away.

Why would symptoms disappear because he ate differently? When he returned home to the U.S. his symptoms came back with a vengeance. It became obvious to him that diet that was causing the problems.

What Causes Diverticulitis ?

Mike’s idea is correct, then the way people eat in the U.S., U.K., A.U., and CAN, could be the actual cause of the over-acidification and inflammation... the root of diverticulitis. Over-acidification may be the cause of inflammation, and inflammation may cause virtually every symptom of diverticulitis, from bloating, throat and esophageal scaring, bathroom problems, and belly pain.
Mike found two ways that helped him incredibly:

1) He learned that a handful of foods (catalyst foods) were causing his over-acidification. As fast as he stopped eating them he could tell a difference.
2) He created a natural soothing tea that made his entire digestive tract "feel 18 again."

Everyone Says “acid is a symptom of Diverticulitis.”
In my opinion, acid is the cause.

Some other acid related disorders are GERD, heartburn, acid reflux, Crohn’s, colitis, IBD, IBS and celiac disease, to name a few. All these diseases have one thing in common: acid. Acid, in excess, can corrode anything… even steel. Certainly, in excess, it can corrode the mucosal lining (the colon's protective armor). Inflammation in the colon may lead to infection (attacks and flare-ups). It may also thin the colon lining allowing diverticula to form. Some medical studies agree that digestive conditions are related to stomach acid.

This is why some of these diseases are even named after their acidic origins, such as heart burn and acid reflux. Again, if you want proof from the medical community, here are two Internet sources that document the fact that GERD and other stomach disorders are related to stomach acid:

Once you understand that acid reduction may be the key, natural antacid or anti-inflammatory methods become a valuable option. This led me to discover some well-documented game-changing ingredients that are 100% natural. I needed something to get directly to the source of the problem!

Free Do It At Home Recipe here!








What helped Mike

The Mayo Clinic (worlds most popular diverticulitis diet) admits, their diet does not heal or cure:

The digestive tract is designed to tolerate acid but we eat so many acid causing "catalyst" meals daily, that instead of enzyme digestion 90% of the time (as Mike thinks it should be), we digest almost all meals with hydrochloric acid. This, in his opinion is the entire problem and cause of almost all digestive disorders. PS: This is his theory based on research. He does not claim that the medical community agrees.

Pain Free Foods methods have a 99% Customer satisfaction rate!

After working with tens of thousands of clients, less than 1% of people ever return a product or request a refund. Here are actual honest comments of just a very few of our customers.

*Disclaimer: The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.






*Disclaimer: The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.

What Exactly Will I Get?

  • 1 week supply of Digestive relief tea: 7 tea bags (each bag makes 2 cups of tea)
  • Instant access to the complete Pain Free Foods Catalyst Foods, acid reduction eating program 140 page Digital book. 
  • Digital download  
  •  This book includes:“50 Things You Absolutely Must Know” Which answers the questions 40,000 customers have asked us during 10 years of coaching. Put your health back in your hands. This is your "go to, diverticulitis bible."
  • 200 recipes ready for you to start cooking right now.
  • 7-Day Menu and Shopping List! Don't want to read or think? We hand select 21 great meals, all you need to do is eat.“5-Minute Quick Start Guide” Some people don’t want to study or “know everything,” this guide makes it easy to start in 5 minutes. Check page 21 first thing!
  • "Eat Out Guide," All common foods listed in categories so you know exactly what you can and can't mix whether you're home or on the go.

Try Rachel's Digestive Tea with 
FREE Digital Pain Free Food Program!

  • $4.99 one time payment
  • 1 week supply  
  • FREE USA shipping 
  • 100% Natural
  • FREE Today  
  • Instant access  
  • Know exactly what to eat  
  • 200 recipes included!

*Disclaimer: The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.

*Disclaimer. MY name Valene. I was in the ER on Jan. 7 with acute Diverticulitis. On Jan. 8 we found your web site. We ordered the book and started on the diet of not mixing food types. I have always had problems with stomach pains; about 2 or 3 times a month. Since I started the pain free foods plan, I have not had one stomach pain. IT REALLY DOES WORK. Sometimes it is hard and confusing to me but I am really trying because it is working. My brother asked, are you going to eat like this for the rest of your life? and I said YES. I don't have that bloating feeling any more and I have lost a little weight. Thank you for the book and the help. I don't want those pains ever again.   

VALENE 01-26-2017   

*Disclaimer. I am so grateful to Michael for this program. I think I am alive because of it. At age 68, in 2014 I had a severe attack, diagnosed as diverticulitis. I had so little confidence in allopathic treatments and prayed earnestly for REAL help. In a casual conversation with someone I hardly knew, I learned about Michael's book. If you learn and follow it, I promise it works! I made the mistake of thinking I had it all down pat, but recently had a flare up and quickly reread the book and found my mistakes. You cannot be lazy or nonchalant about this business. If you hurt bad enough, (and you will I something doesn't change), you will be quick to make needed changes, and grateful to know what changes need to be made! Someone suffered greatly to learn this program. I grieve for the multitudes who suffer and do not know where to turn. Thank you Michael, and your family. I pray for your health and success and you move this work forward. 

GEN W. 1-1-2017

*Disclaimer. Hi Mike and family,
I have been doing the programme for four weeks approx now and am really starting to feel better. I have had several bouts of diverticulitis over maybe a couple of years and had a very scary one some three months back which convinced me I,ve got to change my life and do something about it, hence your programme. We live in the country and grow nearly all our own fresh foods, veges etc and I do a lot of hunting deer, goats etc so was surprised to have this problem in the first place. However, understanding that it’s the way we eat that makes the difference has been amazing. I had always wondered what the problem was and its taken years to finally find out after all the tests etc. You are so right, doctors don’t cure anything just feed drugs to treat symptoms. This is not completely easy, but I am getting better at it and don’t have to look anything up anymore, your ongoing tips are much appreciated and very helpful. Many thanks and kind regards

RICK CHILMAN 6-12-2017

*Disclaimer. Thank you Rachel and your family. I carefully read all your most helpful emails. Your understanding and the information you share has allowed me to control my diet so that I have been able to avoid any flare ups or episodes of “Diver” for several months. Keep up the good work


*Disclaimer. Hi There! I have been doing "great" with following the diet from Pain Free Diverticulitis for the past almost 2 years. Thank you - I couldn't have done this without your help!! :-) Sincerely,


*Disclaimer: The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.*


PFF is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If you are seeing a doctor or taking medications, continue to do so and consult with your physician before starting any new eating or nutrition program or changing your medication regimen. We do believe in this program and stand behind our guarantee 100%, but we are never going to be aware of all the conditions or complications that may exist in an individual patient. Doctors or nurses do not supervise PFF. None of the statements on this website or within the program have been evaluated by the FDA or any other agency of any government of any country. The theories herein represent the beliefs of the author, Mike Hohlweg