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Because of your diverticulitis diagnosis we are attaching a free copy of our Diverticulitis diet program to the end of your report, however please finish reading your report before moving on to the book.

Developing digestive issues before the age of 50 is not unusual in today’s western countries, however it does mean that your body is more sensitive than most. If it seems like others can eat what they want without issues and you can’t don’t panic, we’ve got your back and we can help. But you wont get away with much cheating. 

Because you started experiencing symptoms when you were so young, you’re what we consider a more sensitive case. We have wonderful results with people in your same shoes, but you either need to stick to the program like glue, or be very good about using the other supplements and suggestions throughout this report based on your specific symptoms.

Due to your recent antibiotic use, your intestinal flora are going to need a boost. Antibiotics wipe out a massive amount of your gut bacteria with each use. Your intestinal flora doesn’t just help you digest food, but it also accounts for nearly 80% of your immune system. With it weakened you’ll be more likely to get sick more often and also have issues with digestion. There are a few cool things you can do to help.

1) A good probiotic. Emphasis on the GOOD. You need to find one that’s shelf stable and we suggest acid resistant strains to make it through the gut OR a very high bacteria count. We have a few options you can reference on the website. 

2) Before your flora is back to normal… if you start feeling off, sick or anything you think you may catch is going around, try taking Grapefruit Seed Extract. Don’t get this confused with grape seed extract (worthless in this case) Grapefruit seed extract is a natural antibiotic. Helps boost your immune system when you take it without the negative side effects of a broad spectrum antibiotic.

GSE is not a substitute for antibiotics for severe illness or flare ups, but it’s a great bump to get you through things and often not get sick at all if taken early. I personally have it in my cabinet and take it all the time. 

So the fact that you are one of those that exercise is awesome. It means your circulation is better, you will recover faster and be stronger at fighting things off. The only thing I want you to consider is that any time you have a flare up, minimal exercise can be helpful, especially abdominal exercises. Walking and such are still ok during flare ups, just remember not to go too hard IF you are really struggling because it can slow you down.

Glad to hear you’re getting your fresh fruits and veggies in! There’s only one thing I want you to be aware of. If you ever are in a flare up, try to do canned or cooked temporarily. Fresh are obviously the best for you, but they are also a little harder to digest and if your system is off, they can lead to gas, bloating and cramping so cooking them for a time can give your body a bit of a break to bounce back faster. If you do well on them though, keep it up!

Because you cook and often eat at home, this is going to be easier for you! The specific food grouping rules in the book (free download on website) are much simpler when you eat at home. I get really creative and try all kinds of fun recipes and the free cookbook download on the home page of the website has over 200 available recipes as well all ready to go and fit into your normal schedule.

Since you’re trying to gain some weight, we don’t want to shock your digestive system with unusual foods it may not have the intestinal flora to digest. BUT we need to focus on higher calorie foods. If your weight is low and your like most people we’ve worked with, you lean toward healthy foods, fruits veggies and other lower calorie options which are wonderful and will be great when you get some weight back on, but in the end, to get some weight on, you have to up the calories. Some easily digestible options are things like oatmeal/cream of wheat, bread, oils like olive oil and butter, pasta and mashed potatoes.