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200 Digital Recipes 100% FREE:

Best method to start alkalizing your body and feeling great without giving up the foods you love!

Mike Hohlweg has helped nearly 50K people with digestive issues. Today you are going to get 200 of his famous recipes to start reducing acid production for FREE!

While its always a good idea to eat healthy, this cookbook is not designed to force you on the road to whole grains and kale smoothies. Confused?

Pain Free Foods and Rachel's tea is all about reducing acid and inflammation. Here's the information you NEED to understand. Diet and stress can produce stomach acid. Your body is designed to digest foods with enzymes primarily and to use acid as a last resort.

The trouble is, Western culture has us thinking we need to fit every food group under the sun in one meal. That my friend is the mistake. Not every digestive enzyme however is compatible, and each has specific foods it will digest. Grouping the wrong nutrients within a given meal or time frame tries to force these enzymes to work together unsuccessfully. The end result: STOMACH ACID

Over time too much acid ruins the protective lining of your digestive tract leading to an assortment of unpleasant symptoms: Reflux-Heartburn-Diarrhea-Constipation-Bloating-Cramping.

The Hohlweg family has helped people work through these issues for over a decade with RAVE reviews! and today you are getting 200 of the recipes FREE. No string attached. No email, sign up, or submission required. They just want to spread the word and share some delicious properly grouped recipes with YOU right now.