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We have personally evaluated thousands of client food diaries and monitored the progress of tens of thousands of clients based on their ongoing feedback to us.

*Disclaimer: "The overall health and even genetics of the individual can influence results. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.”

Our extensive research has led us to this one undeniable conclusion: Preventable overproduction of stomach acid produced during digestion and during times of stress is the root cause of your digestive issues and symptoms.

Here is where things get interesting. You’ve been taught that there are two forms of digestion, one is healthy and non-damaging, the other is hydrochloric acid digestion. In the U.S, U.K, AU, and CAN we’ve all (doctors included) have all forgotten that enzyme digestion is good and acid digestion is potentially corrosive. Enzymes are designed to gently digest food and extract its nutrition. The opposite of this highly efficient and harmless enzyme digestion is hydrochloric acid digestion, which can be so harmful to many internal systems and tissues.


You may ask: why doesn’t my body simply choose enzymes to digest my food all the time instead of allowing stomach acid to damage my health? Here’s our researched based theory: Digestive enzymes are not compatible with complicated meals (meals containing specific foods we call catalyst foods)all types of food. Yes, youYou need a broad nutritional base… Carbs, proteins, fats, oils, vegetables etc… But we can modify our meals slightly or our supplement intake and put ourselves in total control of whether we digest with enzymes or continue to torture ourselves with acid digestion.

Unintentionally, you are forcing your body to use acid digestion and flooding your entire digestive tract with acid with every meal and snack. We believe this corrodes and deteriorates the delicate valves, protective mucosal linings, and in severe cases, intestinal walls and tissues that weren’t designed for this much acid exposure. Over time we believe this leads to symptoms like bloating, gas, heartburn, acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, and for some, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, colitis/UC, and Crohn’s.

*Disclaimer: "The overall health and even genetics of the individual can influence results. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.”

Here at Rachel’s Tea we take your symptoms very seriously, it’s been our life’s work to show you the tools to avoid these embarrassing, painful moments. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Imagine going on vacation, out do dinners, and cooking meals with no fear or worry ever again. You will be in complete control.

In order to experience this method without disrupting your life or making uncomfortable changes, you have a few options. You won’t be expected to drop the foods you love or change your lifestyle. We want to work around YOU, and what you are willing to do to succeed. Because of our belief that every single person can succeed at this, there are two options:

1- Follow the Pain Free Foods catalyst food method: It’s available in a free digital download at the bottom of this webpage.
    • Our gift to you
    • Instant access
    • Includes 7 trigger foods (the only few things you should never eat).
    • Includes your new eat out guide
    • Includes emergency flare up instructions.

    2- Not into following programs or meal plans? We’ve got you covered!

    • Use the DIY recipe for our digestive relief tea. Great tasting, and our clients say: they feel like they no longer have a digestive issue.
    • Check out other natural options above on this page.
    • You never have to purchase from us! Find these items locally if you prefer. We are here to help you. Really. If you don’t want to make the free digestive relief tea recipe at home, simply get it here!.
    • The tea and our other suggestions are all on this page above, and if you choose to get them here, we appreciate it, but get them anywhere you like!
      3- The favorite option: Mix and match. Download the book and learn the catalyst food method. Use it when possible but keep backup weapons (supplement options) in your arsenal. Life is hectic and busy. We can’t always plan every meal, or carry what we need. Knowing what to do in any situation provides the control and relief you’ve been searching for.