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Every time I eat _______ I feel ________! Why, and what can I do?

Not every stomach ache or other symptom is a cause for alarm, but this article will give you the main reasons we feel can poorly when we eat certain specific foods and the couple of things you can do about it.The first blank in the title above could be filled with many food names depending on your individual digestive concerns. The most common among digestive issue sufferers are: High gas foods such as beans, cruciferous vegetables like (broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, lettuce etc.) Hard to digest foods such as beans (again), gluten containing foods such as wheat, meat High allergen...

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I get acid reflux at night… what do I do?

Would you believe that acid reflux may be affected by what you eat, supplements you take, and even a couple of evening habits? Let me show you how I improved my situation with very little effort. This article is going to show you how to deal with acid reflux at night, and by “deal with” I mean how to be “in charge” of having acid reflux… or not. First of all, what is acid reflux and why does it mostly rear its ugly head at night? In my researched opinion, acid reflux is one of the first symptoms of too much acid...

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My belly is feeling bloated and looks distended

Almost everyone suffering with over-acidification (heartburn, excessive gas, acid reflux, etc.) experiences bloating from time to time, if not regularly. Even so, most people don’t understand why they sometimes bloat, or what they can do about it. This short article will explain exactly how and why I was bloated and how I feel great naturally nowWhat the heck is going on… why do I bloat? Our research shows when eating a modern Westernized diet that promotes acid digestion instead of the preferable enzyme digestion which causes: Excess acid bathing your delicate digestive valves and tissues so often (each meal and...

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Do digestive disorders run in families?

This will be a very short article and will not only answer the question regarding digestive disorder DNA, but will also show you what you can do to break the cycle of digestive disorders that you may be suffering from.Digestive disorders do run in families but not genetically as far as doctors and science can tell. I know this sounds like a contradiction but read for another minute or two and you will understand.There has never been a bacteria, pathogen, parasite, or genetic predisposition to individual or familial, digestive disorders. However in some cases more than one member of a...

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What can I do for excessive yeast (Thrush, yeast infections, candida imbalance, candidiasis)?

Millions of people now suffer from candida albicans overrun, which is often referred to by one of the names above. There are many types of yeasts. Some of them are a serious health risk. Candida albicans is often called “bacteria”, even by medical websites but it is actually a fungus. Candida is not our enemy, in fact it may be an important part of our internal flora, but like many things, moderation is the key and too much of a “good thing” becomes a bad thing. This short article will show you how to quickly “snap candida back into shape”...

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