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My father (Mike Hohlweg) is an international researcher, and author on digestive problems of all types. His Catalyst Avoidance eating program for Diverticulitis, Colitis, and Crohn’s has a higher “customer reported” success rate (98%) than any other digestive relief diet anywhere.

We are not a health food store. Our family has dedicated ourselves to helping people find real, natural, relief and solutions to their suffering of digestive troubles. My dad and I have evaluated products for digestive issue sufferers for over a decade and we’ve sifted through over 400 products for digestive symptom relief, most of which have little or no benefit for most people regardless of price. The small handful of products I carry is the result of over 10 years of product trials and almost 20 years of my father’s research.

Here you’ll find only the most effective yet inexpensive solutions. In several cases, you will see that I have my own brand of product. When you see my own label on a product, it normally means that my father and I could not find an effective product at a reasonable price either online or at a brick and mortar store.

Regardless of how or why each of these items landed on my store, my promise to you is that you will find every product here to be effective for its listed use or we will happily give your money back.

It is not legal to make claims regarding what a given product will do, so I simply ask you to trust our family, get what you need and rest assured, if you will benefit. If not, you will not have to explain anything

Instead of going on with the “story” of each product, let me give you just one example of a product that in my opinion is virtually worthless, if you don’t buy the right formula and brand.

Probiotics! 4 million people take probiotics daily in the U.S. alone. The grocery store and health food probiotics usually cost somewhere between $20 to $75 per bottle or box, which is usually a month supply. Probiotics often have a decent I.U. count, some are shelf stable, and have a reasonable spread of 6 to 10 strains of beneficial bacteria. So far, so good… however:

  1. Non shelf stable varieties lose 60% to 100% of their “live” bacteria on or before their “best use by” date.
  2. As much as 99% of probiotic strains are killed in the acid environment of the stomach.
  3. Some brands sell low I.U. count yielding little or nothing to the gut cultures.

If everyone understood how underhanded this market is, they would not tolerate it. Would you buy a steak if you got to eat one piece the size of a pea and had to throw the rest away? This is what people do with probiotics. The solutions are at least one of the following per product:

  1. Ultra high I.U. count (over 50 billion units) gets hundreds of millions to the gut
  2. Enteric coating that protects probiotics until they open in the less acidic environment of the intestines, not the stomach
  3. Specially cultured acid resistant strains of the same critical beneficial bacteria varieties ensuring colonization and longevity in the gut.

These are the features of my line of probiotics, and yes, they are very reasonably priced, often less than the brands that have little or no effect.

How important are probiotics? You are born with all you need, but modern diets, medicines such as antibiotics, and high acid (low PH) digestive tracts, tend to destroy our “once in a lifetime” supply. We have to replace, repair, and maintain them. Furthermore, probiotics are 75% to 80% of our actual immune system. This is probably why immune deficiencies, rashes, skin issues, asthma, allergies, and other inflammatory and autoimmune problems are epidemic. Yes, probiotics are not only important, they are the core of your health.

Most people take probiotics for months or years and never feel the slightest benefit. They take them stubbornly because they understand the need and they just believe they “have to do something.” If you want the benefits of probiotics, please select one of the three formulas my father insisted on and finally feel the difference compared to those that don’t deliver.

People come to us with virtually every form of digestive issue and disease symptoms. We are prepared for you with free digital information to answer your every question. We have herbal supplements and probiotics designed for every digestive issue you can imagine. The best part is that we keep it simple with fewer than 20 supplements. The reason we carry so few items is that we are not trying to be a health food store selling as much as possible. We only recommend what works.

It is also helpful to understand that according to my father’s research and success in coaching people through disorders, virtually all digestive issues, diseases, and symptoms all have one root cause and that cause is acid. Read one of his free digital or hard copy books to fully understand.

Digestive disorders exist in epidemic proportion in fewer than 10 out of almost 200 countries. Only these few countries consume a modern diet Mike calls: “Catalyst Foods.” Catalyst foods cause overproduction of acid and according to Mike, acid overproduction causes ALL digestive disorders including Ulcerative colitis, colitis, microscopic, lymphocytic, and ischemic colitis, diverticulitis, Crohn’s, celiac, IBD, IBS, heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, meal stagnation, diarrhea, and constipation. Many diseases, differing diagnosis, but in almost all cases the same cause.

If Mike is correct and acid is the actual cause, then some minor diet modifications to end high acid production might be the best kept secret of modern medicine. Of course most people with digestive issues have had problems for years and as such have medical and symptomatic issues that must be addressed. Depleted intestinal flora, acid scarring, night acid, reflux, diarrhea, extensive inflammation causing flare-ups, attacks, cramping, and bloating, are just some of the symptoms, our line of products are designed to address.

What you will find here at my digestive relief store:

Rachel’s Digestive Tea:
Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas, acidification, flare-ups, attacks, reflux, heartburn

Turmeric Extract:
Inflammation, pain, anxiety, depression

Rachel’s Pro Enteric Probiotic:
Intestinal flora damage. This probiotic is designed to survive the acidic environment of the stomach

Slippery Elm:
Mucosal lining damage, bloating, stagnant meals, constipation

Grapefruit Seed Extract:
Flare-ups and attacks, bad gut bacteria, infections, general bacterial infections

Please enjoy our store and let us help you. We really do know what we are talking about and like nothing more than helping people.