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Rachel's Tea

Rachel's Digestive Tea''

$ 4.99

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Rachel’s Digestive Relief tea is our store’s most universal product, designed to address many circumstances. If you're only going to try one thing for your overall digestive health, make it this tea.

Specifically designed and crafted by health researchers for digestion, it contains a delicious blend of 8 different ingredients, each with a specific purpose in supporting healthy digestion.

Turmeric Root: Supports healthy inflammation levels
Wild Yam Root: Traditionally used as a pain reliever
Ginger root: Traditionally used to calm the stomach
Marshmallow leaf: Supports healthy mucosal levels
Chamomile flowers: Traditionally used for relaxation
Peppermint leaf: Traditionally used for bloating discomfort
Fennel seed: Traditionally used for digestive gas
Slippery elm bark: Supports healthy digestive mucosal levels  
Peppermint oil: supports healthy digestive function

Tea is single serving bagged and ready for use. Take morning and evening. You will love this tea within twenty minutes of drinking your first cup or we will happily buy it back!

*Disclaimer: The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.

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