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Rachel's Tea

Rachel’s Pain Relief

$ 24.95

Finally a new and powerful alternative to NSAIDs, Acetaminophen, and yes, even (if your doctor agrees) prescription pain relievers.  Ever read the side effects and warnings on NSAID and prescription bottles? They vary but some warn of liver and kidney damage, toxicity, and stomach and intestinal ulcerations with bleeding. Want an alternative?

Rachel’s Pain Relief is a powerful analgesic/pain reliever that contains no NSAIDs, narcotics, or damaging toxins, yet works so well that we have continual testimonials from sufferers of:

  • Sciatica*
  • Fibromyalgia*
  • Bursitis*
  • Tennis elbow*
  • Knee, hip, shoulder, pain*
  • Arthritis (all forms) including rheumatoid*
  • Lower back pain*
  • Sports pain and injuries*

*Note: Not to be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis or care. In some cases, RPR is effective enough to mask pain/injuries that deserve medical treatment. If you have or may have such an injury or condition, seek medical advice prior to use.

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