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Nunn electrolytes

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Nunn electrolytes

$ 9.80

Most people get enough electrolytes in their food and drinks. Even most digestive disorder patients do not have a shortage. However if you have periodic or chronic diarrhea, or take medications that interfere with your nutrient absorption, you are much more likely to have an electrolyte deficiency. If an electrolyte deficiency goes too far, it is actually fatal.

The blood salts and minerals are necessary for cell and organ function. One way to treat this is to buy Pedialyte TM at your local pharmacy. If you already order from us, we have a good and easy to take variety that contains a full spectrum of electrolytes, and dissolves in water or any drink. To compare cost, a liter of Pedialyte TM is two, one pint servings and costs about $5 at a discount store pharmacy like Wal-Mart. Nunn electrolyte is stronger, longer lasting, and contains 12 doses (instead of two) for only twice the price. Don’t take electrolytes for no reason (they simply leave the body in your urine) but if you have diarrhea periodically, or for more than two days at a time, please keep these on hand. The taste is decent. Use in hot or cold drinks. $9.80

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