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(2pack) Slippery Elm

Rachel's Tea

(2pack) Slippery Elm

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Slippery elm is the most important single herb a digestive disorder patient can take. It is present in Mike’s tea but there; the quantity is limited because it tends to encapsulate the other tea ingredients. Mike recommends taking two to six capsules (depending the volume of your drink or meal) a few minutes before every meal or drink (except water).

Slippery elm mimics the protection of a healthy mucosal lining by coating the digestive tract during digestion. Nearly all digestive disorder patients have a compromised mucosal lining and as you are getting better with the program, slippery elm can help make you feel like you are whole and functioning better. Besides the temporary “acid armor,” slippery elm is said to trigger mucosal rebuilding by the body. A Secondary benefit is normalizing bowel function for some people who suffer from diarrhea or especially constipation.

Order the 100 capsule size the first time you order to make sure it works well for you.

Note: Slippery elm is not to be taken within an hour (especially before) taking any medication or supplement as it renders it partially or completely ineffective by encapsulating it.

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