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Health researcher changes everything with new method to detox digestive system and end excess acid and inflammation

Before you get worse, try this simple solution.

There;s a recipe Im going to show you in just a minute. This recipe contains the simple ingredient combination to address excess acid and gut inflammation.

You're about to learn why those who keep doing what they've always done, may get worse. Our clients are doing something different. We believe you can turn back the clock on your digestive system.


Hi, this is Mike Hohlweg and my goal is to help you get better. Im a researcher and published author on digestive issues. Who cares you say... Well, I have 45,000 followers who say: This works when nothing else has!

My family and I have been helping sufferers of digestive issues for over a decade. I was able to naturally overcome my own serious digestive issue. Now, my family's focus is helping people regain the benefits of youthful digestion.


By the time you finish reading this page, youll know what causes digestive symptoms. You are going to understand why this approach has created tens of thousands of loyal, believers and why my entire family pours our hearts into this business.

Through thousands of tests and long-term studies, we have perfected the method that is going to change the game for you.

According to our research, we believe inflammation causes pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, reflux and gas.
  • Bloating- acid scaring on esophageal sphincter makes it unable to open and close properly to release gas.
  • Constipation/diarrhea- Massive acid inflammation and loss intestinal flora so your body cant use good bacteria to digest food causing it to struggle.
  • Pain- Too much stomach acid over time deteriorates the protective mucosal lining of your digestive tract and can cause nerve pain when it reaches the intestinal wall and nerves located there.
  • Heartburn/acid reflux, excess stomach acid bubbling up in your stomach physically burns your throat.
  • Gas- Intestinal flora depletion from excess acid or antibiotic use can cause food to putrefy in your intestines instead of being digested, as it putrefies it produces gas and bloating.

Stress produced acid can also lead to the deterioration of the protective mucosal lining of your throat, stomach, and digestive tract. Well show you how to reduce it.

Over time, our theory is, this protective coating becomes damaged and the acid reaches the walls of your digestive system causing damage to the delicate tissue there leading to inflammation.

If you have inflammation it may show in the form of the above symptoms, it can also progress into pockets of infection and more severe inflammation which may lead to something more serious.

Why What youre doing now isnt working...

The recipe were going to give you FREE supports normal digestion and bowel function. The key is eliminating the excess acid and inflammation in your body that is causing you trouble.

Left unaddressed, these issues can steal your quality of life. We will teach you how to take it back.

This tea recipe is your solution.

imageTurmeric Root traditionally used to fight inflammation imageGinger Root traditionally used to calm stomach and bowel
imageMarshmallow Leaf traditionally used to fight inflammation in the digestive liningimageChamomile traditionally used to calm and soothe body
imageWild Yam Root traditionally used to soothe painimageFennel Seeds traditionally used for gas, bloat and heartburn
imagePeppermint Oil traditionally used relax throat to release gasimagePeppermint Leaf traditionally used to cool and calm throat and stomach

Natural treatments dont tend to toxify the blood or force the liver and kidneys to work as some modern medicines may. Tea is delivered naturally directly to the source of digestive problems. This delivery method allows the ingredients to contact the exact source of the problem.

*According to our feedback, the recipe we are going to share produces a noticeable effect within 20 min. (Disclaimer: Not everyone gets the same result from any treatment.)

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*Disclaimer: "The overall health and even genetics of the individual can influence results. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.



These are just a few of literally thousands of testimonials in my private support group. If you are ever uncomfortable after meals or you have a digestive disorder already, you need to make this tea yourself following the exact recipe or order today! You won't be dissapointed.