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Macro nutrients

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Super Nutrition and probiotics regardless of your condition!

So many of us digestive disorder patients have poor nutrient uptake, infections, diarrhea, damaged intestinal flora, and low energy that a solution was mandatory. Rachel chose from hundreds of options and found the best. Macro Greens and Miracle Reds provide 18 billion probiotics, ultra high antioxidants, amazingly high nutrition spectrum, a no-stimulant energy blend using whole foods, detoxifiers, and ultra alkalizers, making them a great tasting add to anything food or drink mix. You have to try these.

Note: The state of California has decided that levels of some metals such as lead, naturally occurring in many vegetables (such as those contained in Macro Greens and Miracle Reds) may be harmful. Since Macro Greens contains these vegetables, they are forced to include Californias warning regarding lead. Rest assured, no lead is added to Macro Greens or Miracle Reds but virtually all vegetable products contain trace amounts of lead naturally including the fresh vegetables from your grocery store.

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