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Rachels Digestive Relief Tea

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For most people who coach with us, tea is the single most important supplement for symptom reduction. Our tea is made with 8 organic and wild crafted herbs, blended specifically for digestive disorders. The benefits of our tea include: antacid, anti-inflammation, pain relief, stomach and intestinal calming, bowel normalizing, anti-gas, anti-cramping, stomach valve relaxing, and mucosal lining rebuilding.

Tea is not a cure for disease but is often very useful in symptom reduction. Mike perfected this tea for himself over a five-year period. Over a dozen of our family members and friends drink the tea even though most of them have no digestive disorder. Although the tea is powerful, it is delicious as well. We recommend a cup morning and evening. Use each bag twice for best results since some ingredients infuse fully in the first cup and others, more so in the second cup when made from the same bag. Mikes tea has about twice the ingredient volume per bag compared to store teas and 30 bags instead of 20, so you have two cups a day for a full month with each order. $19.95.

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